8 Mar A Modern Love Story Well. *hrmph* I can certainly say that this book was almost unputdownable. I can definitely say that it started off and. A Modern Love Story After the death of her parents, Robbie Byrne is put in foster care where she meets her exact opposite, Luc Cintrone. Abandoned as a small. 23 Jun Format: E-book Read with: iBooks for iPad Length: Novel Genre: Contemporary Romance Series: Standalone Publisher: Self-Published Hero.

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Favorite Quotes He knew when he had her, when he brought her to peak for the second time. It DID make me react. April 1st My rating: Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young.

Oh sure, it held my rapt attention, but I was soooooo not happy. Ultimate List of Fighter Books.

Review: A Modern Love Story by Jolyn Palliata

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Oh I tell you I still get beside my self mad when I think about it!! Luc has had his share of abuse and abandonment as a child, and HAS been to some of the bad foster homes, so he makes sure to protect and watch over A modern love story jolyn palliata as they grow up together.

Abandoned as a small child, Luc is a foul-mouthed rebel who takes it upon himself to be her defender, whether live likes it or not.


My Best Books of List. And I want you.

Book Review – A Modern Love Story by Jolyn Palliata – Maryse’s Book Blog

I love not getting what I want right off the bat, in a book. Fill in your details below or click an icon a modern love story jolyn palliata log in: Although… it probably would make a great Lifetime movie. What to Read After Hopeless. They become adults, and while the two have always had deeper feelings towards one another, Luc refuses to act on it. My Top 10 Paranormal Series.

It went in a risky direction that had so many of us readers reacting mostly negatively a modern love story jolyn palliata I wondered, how am I going to review this?

Ultimate List of Biker Books. After the death of her parents, Robbie Byrne is put in foster care where she meets her exact opposite, Luc Cintrone. Payten is a woman who has grown accustomed in her privileged life in obtaining whatever she wants, no matter the cost or sacrifice. My rating for this part is 3. What to Read After Twilight.

Email required Address never made public. My husband told me I needed to take a break from it on Saturday! How to make people follow your blog?

Luc says he is sorry and he is forgiven. When both Robbie and Luc hit 22 years of age, that is when things turn around and all the pent up longing and sexual attraction that fairly sizzles the pages practically explodes giving one of the best against-the-door-smexing scenes I have read in a long, long while!


A Modern Love Story

You can also subscribe without commenting. Moderh for me, I have total respect and love for an author who pushes the boundaries ;alliata safe-limits when it comes to writing romances and I loved the way Jolyn managed to give the story that extra punch by creating Luc the way he is and bringing him truly to life by making him true to his character. Robbie becomes a part of the foster care system when both her parents die in an accident traumatizing her for life.

Robbie, whose parents died, and Luc, whose parents abandoned him. I felt a modern love story jolyn palliata sadness, I felt the tugs at my heart. What a wild ride!! Sorry, your a modern love story jolyn palliata cannot share posts by email. The words flow smoothly, the characters totally invade into ,ove heart and the story just grabs you from the very start until all I could think about was Luc, Luc and Luc some more!