Contract documents and code books are grouped together by series. A-Series: owner-contractor documents; B-Series: owner-architect documents; C-Series. with AIA Document A™–, General Conditions of the Contract for AIA Document C™– is a standard form of agreement between the. This comparative is based on AIA Document C Additions to C are underlined addition and deletions are stricken deletion. C SP is.

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C Flashcards by ali leu | Brainscape

C Certificate of Substantial Completion: B Design and Aia c401 Administration Services: The architect is now responsible to prepare a site evaluation and feasibility report as a deliverable. The names of certain of these forms are revised for Five Phases Remain, but with Modifications. The most relevant of these revisions include aia c401 following: The AIA shifted the location of key information from aia c401 optional exhibit into the first article of certain Owner-Architect forms in order to facilitate more fulsome discussions of potential issues before those issues iaa.


Even if the parties adopt the AIA modifications, responsibilities to third parties may remain despite these disclaimers. aia c401

This article, Part 2, focuses on the principal changes to the Owner-Architect forms, particularly B standard form of agreement and similar forms. B Historic Preservation Services: B Facility Support Services: The AIA made two document releases: The most relevant of these revisions include the following:. Reorganized aia c401 include a separate line c041 identifying the date of substantial completion; the aia c401 provision now clarifies that warranties commence on the date of substantial completion.

STRUCTURE magazine | Commentary on AIA Document C

Aia c401 One in this series previously addressed the primary changes to the Owner-Contractor forms. Termination and Termination Fees. Cost of Work and Redesign. This Client Alert highlights only some of the changes to the Owner-Architect forms.

Claims and Disputes Processes. B Site Evaluation and Project Feasibility: Supplemental and Additional Services. The AIA also amended contractual termination provisions. aia c401


The American Institute of Architects AIA contracts, the most commonly used aia c401 of construction contract forms c4001 commercial projects in the United States, recently released the second part aia c401 its once-in-a-decade updates to the versions of its primary forms.

Alison Wickizer Toepp James M. In aia c401, in Octoberthe AIA released a series of aix specialty service agreements and administrative forms. If you have questions regarding the changes, please contact Alison Toepp or one of our other construction and engineering professionals.