by Koṭṭārattil Śaṅkuṇṇi; Śr̲īkumāri Rāmacandran. Print book. English. Lore & legends of Kerala: selections from Kottarathil Sankunni’s Aithihyamala. English version of Aithihyamala, the great legends of Kerala. It’s originally compiled by Kottarathil Sankunni in Malayalam. Translation by Sreekumari. Aithihyamala or Ithihyamala (Malayalam: ഐതിഹ്യമാല) (Garland of Legends) is a collection of century-old stories from Kerala that cover a vast spectrum of.

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Almost parallel to these developments in comics was the evolution of Japanese comics ‘Manga’. Sreedevi Gopal how to start reading.

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Olassayil Vaettakkorumakan kaavu 5. The telling of a tale warrants a situation. Sooraj rated it it was ok Dec 15, Term of respect for a noble man 4. He has contributed extensively to several children’s publications in India and abroad. According to McCloud, comics, or story telling through visuals, have an older history than what is commonly believed.

According to the well-known folklorist, Rnglish.

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Its values are those of devotion and worship, its aithihyamaka the sound of the temple conch, its calendar not so much of days and dates as of the rising and setting of stars and the waxing and waning of the moon and the festivals of temples. And folklore is the language of the psyche at some of its deeper levels and more creative moments.


The pan-Indian sanskritic traditions have not been able to oust them. Major Indian festivals, belief systems, temple ceremonies, life cycle ceremonies, ritual components and behavioural patterns within rituals depend on what myths say.

Comics have had a turbulent history so far. Nihal rated it it was ok Aug 29, The works on the legends were collected and published by Sankunni in the famous Malayalam literary magazine of the nineteenth century, the Bhashaposhini. This book has been designed to appeal to young readers who will find the stories interesting and the illustrations delightful, as also for enthusiasts of Indian literature and culture and general readers.

He started compiling the legends of Kerala in and completed the work in eight volumes over a quarter of a century. It gives us the skill to deal with the inherent ambiguity, messiness, complexity and absurdity of life’s twists and turns, for participating in humanity’s struggle for greater meaning.


Manoj Kumar g rated it it was ok Apr 14, About our mascot — the mascot of Vivalok Comics is called Roama.

Chittoor Kaavil Bhagavathi 2. Arshad Hussain rated it it was ok Jan 11, All this and more awaits you inside! Archived from the original on The works on the legends were aithiyamala and publi Kottarathil Sankunni is a well-known author of Malayalam literature.

Aithihyamala (Malayalam)

Nirmala Devi rated it it was ok Mar 26, Debodeep Khaund In-house support: Konniyil Kochchayappan Book IV 1. Aishu rated it it was ok Sep 03, Subir Roy Rukmini Sekhar has been writing, editing, translating and publishing for the last fifteen years.

Folklorists, researchers, collectors, activists Responsibility translated from Malayalam by T.

Avanangaattu Panikkarum Chaaththanmaarum 8. Folk tales are about everyday life.