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I elizabet she had some fun with this book, somehow she new that I would read it and, latterly, start yelling at Ivy for how stupid and innocent she was written to be.

It’s definitely written for a younger age group, maybe 11 or 12 year olds. Want to Read saving…. Also, there is talk about soul mates.

And now he knew what Gregory’s plan was, so using Philip’s body, guiding him along to the train station as quickly as possible despite obstacles on the way. I absolutely love this book! It is about finding your true love and loosing that love. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t terrible, and at times it was sweet and romantic, but I just thought it dragged a bit too much for me.

Tristan is the hero in this story, becoming the guardian angel to his girlfrend Ivy after he dies in a tragic car accident that left him for dead and Ivy injured. I was wrong – I was clearly overestimating the book. After all she thought she had feelings for Gregory at one point granted she wasn’t thinking clearly and vulnerable especially since he was acting all sweet and sympathetic towards her, but still she should have known something was up with him then after Tristan left she was suddenly in love with Will are you kidding me?


Her true and strong belief in angles, her love for piano, and her cat, Bella, were all she had left of her real home. One the first day of school, Ivy learned about one thing, Tristan.

The first book was all about developing Tristan and Ivy’s romance: There were loads of genres in this story romance, paranormal, mystery and definitely action.

The grammar wasn’t very good. As result of her mother’s new marriage, Ivy and her brother Philip are forced to move to the biggest house in Stonehill, with all the wants and needs of life. Dead but he has a purpose before he can move on, to protect Ivy from whoever is trying to kill her This book was okay, definitely not great but not the worst I’ve read of the genre.

Well, that chance came when Tristan helped her down from a high diving board for some strange reason, which I didn’t get why this was done, had to do as part of some project where they had to recite a poem there, which just sounded dumb to me because Ivy was terrified of water and froze and fell on the board and he helped her out and even offered to teach her how to swim.

I didn’t know the character that well so I couldn’t get emotional about it. Tristans death was tragic, and it left Ivy alive and feeling alone with no one and nothing, not even her angles, left to lean on.

I keep wondering what Beth was writing on in non-updated version of this book when it was referencing her laptop, for example, because although laptops for teens are common now, they weren’t back in the 90s.

Gregory gave it to Ivy, making sure she drunk it until she passed out from the effects of the drug. All the characters were very flat. And I gasp kind of liked the plot line in book one.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting Ivy and Will be together at the end: It took time but when she was forced to give up her cat to a trusting home, witch ended up being Tristans, Ivy started liking him back. So the plot was excellent it was just presented very poorly. I can’t wait for Evercrossed.

Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates

Book one was bearable, though still not very good. Elizabeth Chandler switches from Ivy’s to Tristan’s point of view, narrated by a distant voice. Throughout the book you will see how love is strong, and endless. At the moment where the authorvshould have zeroed in on the love between them she focused Ivy more on Gregory. Ivy covered in blood was lying on the ground, unconscious.

SeduccionEntreLibros: Saga Kissed By an Angel – Elizabeth Chandler

Its full of mystery, angst, love, and loss. I had to re-read the few chapters to remember what the book was about, gemepas any case, I like it immensely so far, can’t wait to see what will happen next, though I have a hunch. This book actually made me cry. And wish he actually knew that Lacey actually geemelas love w Spoilers!!! He was so in denial I had to shake my head.

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