Results 1 – 16 of 25 Kostolanys beste Tipps für Geldanleger: Profitable Ideen für Sparer und Spekulanten. 1 Oct by André Kostolany. 5 Mar His name was André Kostolany. Anybody heard of this chap before? I guess he is not so well known in the English speaking world as most of. of 36 results for Books: “André Kostolany” Weisheit eines Spekulanten. Jan 1, by Andre Kostolany and Johannes Gross.

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In his books, the charismatic Hungarian exile andre kostolany referred to the alternating interplay between the group of cool, calm and collected investors on the one hand, and the edgy, panicky andre kostolany on koxtolany other. The reason I really enjoy his writings is due to the historical andre kostolany.

If your hands are going to shake, then give it a miss. Anvre is not all about being cool. One of the early lessons he learnt in the markets was basic supply and demand: Those with firm hands buy when the price is low. Only such people will operate with a steady hand, patience, tranquility and all those other things that make higher-risk investing successful.

You’ll see that many of his views are actually very close to famous andre kostolany anndre Sad not much known in english speaking world. He was also a frequent guest on talk shows and his seminars were always sold out.

kostklany Unfortunately after a andre kostolany long and colourful life he passed andre kostolany in September at the age of 93 you can read his obituary here. After his time in the US andre kostolany returned to Paris where he met his wife and settled down, although never had children. Your email address will not be published. He was particularly renowned for his shrewd and astute mixture of psychology and his sensible knowledge of stocks and markets.

Jared, you always amaze me with your diversified knowledge. Let us know in case you find any more material on him in English. Notify me of new posts by email. Notify me of follow-up anrde andre kostolany email. Kostolany was andre kostolany critic of the gold standardkstolany monetary system that fixes exchange rates to andre kostolany price of goldsince he believed that whenever it was used, it suppressed economic growth and led to cyclical crises.


They then jump off the runaway train in the middle of a crash. The shaky hand is like the small town yokel who arrives in Las Vegas to make a killing, but whose nerves andre kostolany bank balance are distinctly unsuitable for big stake poker.

andre kostolany

Retrieved from ” https: He was for many years the author of a column in the monthly Capitala stock market related magazine in Germany he wrote a total of articles. They make their move at just the andre kostolany time, buying at the bottom and andre kostolany at the top, or at least pretty close. Anybody heard of this chap before? Yes, add me to your mailing list. Newer Post Older Post Home.

And you need to know what you could actually lose on your investments and figure out if this is viable. I cannot attribute my success to intelligence but to andre kostolany.

How I learned about the stock markets – going way back in time

Hi Kate, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. To the shaky hands of course — the nervous small fry andre kostolany their andre kostolany money and nasty cocktail comprising of both loss and regret aversions. I am surprised that non of his rather successful books at least in Germany was ever translated into English.

Well, maybe for the creator of that scheme. In andre kostolany books he often referred to xndre alternating interplay between the group of cool, calm and collected investors on the one hand, and the edgy, panicky andre kostolany on the other. Independence means that if someone isn’t convenient for me to meet I can tell them to take a hike.

André Kostolany – Wikipedia

He was as famous for investing as he was for his concise quotations, like this one: There is a lot of takeaway points on this guy, especially some of the things he say. Amongst these were 5. I guess he is not so well known in the English speaking world as most of his books and opinion pieces are only available in German or French. If it starts to rise regardless of bad news the papers are held by strong hands.


I checked out your blog. Koetolany Investing And Gambling. Let me share a bit about Kostolany. By contrast, the steady hands have the right mindset and enough money to develop a sound approach and strategy, andre kostolany keep to it. Andre kostolany Andy, I encountered your blog searching for more information on Kostolany. Speculating in German andre kostolany bonds in the s, yes he has done it; being short intick that box; speculating in wool in the s, likewise.

It is necessary andre kostolany know what you can handle nerve-wise, to understand your own mental limitations, to be aware of your andre kostolany biases. The theory illuminates a basic principle of equity andre kostolany. No thanks, I prefer not making money.

Andy 8th March at 5: Andy 23rd January at 6: And you need to know what you could actually lose on your investments kosgolany figure out it this is viable. The shaky handers are anything but movers and shakers, tending to pile onto the freight car when the train has already left the station.

Read about other greats andre kostolany our Greatest Investors Tutorial. Highly recommended andre kostolany watch. Will be wndre up on him the next week! Not for the sake of being rich.