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As if yes, sweetly. Because of this, his idiot of a sister Elvira has gone building the rally from convent to gxla What is a soldadera?

An opportunely advantageous marriage, to someone strong, who can resolve the situation in which we find ourselves What I have to do from now on I can do by myself alone!

But what am I going to do?

If everyone told the truth, things would go better. Why have you loved it? Love Minaya, anillos para una dama antonio gala with him How do you know that? So much lip service, a lot of empty noise, but true love, none at all. They strongest always write history, Jimena. The whole house needs tended to Everyone knows that the Cid was the most faithful of all husbands. Because he spent the morning like this in the terraces.

Nor poison, Jimena, nor a knife. Do you love Minaya? How many mountains of heads of anillos para una dama antonio gala people did the Moors in Sagrajas cut off? Just what you did! How badly planned it is In rama family, which is mine, or at least, I thought so, we always had it all.

With a different basis, but they are right The women near her to hold her up. My life is this dream! Anyone who loves is a lover.

The rest of you loved his blah-blah-blah, his helmet, his courage, his power, and his gestures. You and I have always been two parallel wheels, made to turn, one close to the other, without ever coinciding. Tries a different approach.

anillos para una dama antonio gala Tonight no one is going to keep an eye on the castle. You are acting like a soldadera, mother. The Cid has been the axis that unites and separates. But why do the people need to know about it? Maria goes to leave, furious, she trips into the King and the Bishop, who enter hurriedly. We die the two of us together right now, Minaya!

Which is all unjust.

Should I bring you to him? Dreams are like scorpions, to kill them, you must burn them. They married me to an eagle. If I have begged you not to leave your galq, it has been precisely to avoid scandals.

Antonio Gala Anillos para una dama | Laura Mata –

But I assure you that, some remote day, someone, who in their own time also will be forgot, will recount my pain, this small history of mine. The embellishers of History, right, Alfonso? We depended on him