The Ankh, The has 62 ratings and 4 reviews. Andrew said: This book introduces some interesting ideas about the origins of Electricity and the application. African Origin of Electromagnetism. ਨਾ ਕਰ ਕੇ ਹੀ ਬਣ. AFTERWORD. HERU ANKH RA SEMANJ SA PTAH. Adrift upon an electron sea. Dying of thirst how could. The Ankh African Origin of Electromagnetism by Nur Ankh Amen by Homers Simpson in Types > Presentations and the ankh african origin of electromagnetism.

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Everything You Need To Know Each melanin granule is a tiny feather and, when energized by the ankh of levitation, the gods were given the power of atrican. The wire ankh has been used in Dowsing, which is the pseudoscience of detecting water underground. African Egyptologists fighting to return Egypt to Africa, have only been partially successful against the repressive colonial Academic Power that endeavors to hold our minds in slavery.

The ankh of levitation was related to the goddess of the Upper Kingdom, the Divine Vulture.

The Ankh, The: African Origin of Electromagnetism

This rod, having a loop at its base which allowed a free swinging connection, is a switch. The absorption of energy is required before electromagetism can jump into the conduction band and make melanin conductive.

A god of the dead in the form of a dog or jackal, closely associated with embalming and mummification. The circuit may consist of only a single wire, crystal or transistor semiconductor device. Charles rated it it was amazing Dec 01, The secret waters of the Great Pyramid. oirgin

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To ask other readers questions about The Ankh, Theplease sign up. No trivia or quizzes yet. The secret 91 The Ankh f ingredient, for which our race has been made to suffer is melanin, the dust of the Kha. The most powerful tool of modern technology is electronics and its origin has, like most things, been attributed to the European minds of the early eighteenth century.

He was able to show that this occurs because of the high impedance presented by the wire loop at higher frequencies.

The Egyptian root of the anku “Ka,” is represented by the raised arms LJ representing the true direction of electron flow, from the ground upwards. Maat is the goddess of truth, indispensable in the Maat with her eyes closed cause of justice.

The Ankh, The: African Origin of Electromagnetism by Nur Ankh Amen

Sho rated it it was amazing Jan 11, Only the names afrkcan been changed to protect the guilty. I had difficulty understanding some concepts, znkh my professors were more concerned to label me as incompetent in science, rather than trying to educate me. Volta’s discovery of the principles by which the 30 African Origin of Electromagnetism djed produced a stable electrical current, is considered to be the greatest invention of the 19th Century.

Apollo, angered by the The Ankh murder, responded by killing the thunder-making Cyclopes of Zeus. Electromagnetic religion in Kemit can be seen to have played a role in the evolution of monotheism during the reign of Amenhotep IV in the 18th Dynastic Period.


The core knowledge of these schools relied on the works of Greek philosophers like Pythagoras and Aristotle, who were students at the feet of the Africans in Kemit. With this tremendous power, the God-king could still communicate his will in this world from the ankhet the other-world. But the tree electdomagnetism the middle of the garden, we may not eat electromagnstism even touch it lest we die. Devin Givner rated it it was amazing Aug 31, Plating was in common use during ancient times as evidenced by the many words for it.

Osiris is the God of Judgment and the cross-road, whether to go right or left on the Path that leads to Him and Peace in the eye of the storm. When electromagnetim thank the Creator, we use the word Ankh.

The laying of hands on which is known to emit energy from the aura. It is the same with Volta and Galvani in the concealment of the piles Egyptian origin. The amino acid forms peptide-linked formations with the metal ions. The evidence also points to an extensive cover-up, which became imperative because of the legal aspects governing discovery. Connect conceals Ankh in the letters “onnec.