Abstract This paper will present an eye-opening look at some of the historic data and letters of correspondence that are the historical basis of the API RP and Petrochemical Plants. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE API publications necessarily address problems of a general nature. With respect to particular. practice (RP) , “Steels for Hydrogen Service at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures in temperature and pressures should follow API RP guideline.

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American Petroleum Institute Dates: Zpi curve on that graph is for carbon steel. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Skip to main content. Price and Buy this Standard View Pricing. api rp 941

API RP – Steels for Hydrogen Service at Elevated Temperatures | Inspectioneering

This week, we’d like to provide the reader with a few helpful resources that deal api rp 941 the topic of HTHA. The benefits of a subscription: Sometimes HTHA is confused with low temperature hydrogen cracking mechanisms that result from hydrogen being driven into steels by aqueous corrosion reactions.

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The first edition of the recommended practice was originally published in Januaryand the most recent release is the eighth edition, published in February This ensures that you are always up-to-date and saves you both api rp 941 and money. For more information about such agreements, or product availability as hardcopy, please contact us by api rp 941 67 83 87 00 or email salg standard. Feb 27 – Mar 1 The guidelines in this RP can also be applied to hydrogenation plants such as those that manufacture ammonia, methanol, edible oils, and higher alcohols.


The following references are from the American Petroleum Institute. Click here to skip or ad will close in 15 seconds.

Standard: API RP 941

Job Postings Discover job opportunities that match your skillset. Statistics Events Certifications Directories. API RP applies to any equipment in api rp 941, petrochemical facilities, chemical facilities, or hydrogenation plants that happen to operate in environments in which hydrogen-containing fluids are processed at elevated temperatures and pressures. A web subscription provides an easy and secure access to standards, and you are guaranteed to always have the latest edition.

High Temperature Api rp 941 Attack HTHA is a complex damage mechanism that continues to defy investigators trying to make predictions on the anticipated degree of damage or service life. Presented in this document are curves that indicate the operating limits of temperature and hydrogen partial pressure for satisfactory resistance of carbon steel and Cr-Mo steels to HTHA in elevated temperature hydrogen service.

Prior to these recent reports, the only reported failures of carbon steel below the API RppFigure 1 curve were in cases of exceptionally high stress, as discussed in Sections 5. Last week we mentioned three important tips to consider when addressing high api rp 941 hydrogen attack HTHA. The moment new editions of the standards api rp 941 monitor are released, changes are made, or appendixes are published, you will be alerted by email.

Identify unmet needs and discover next-generation technologies Improve 9411 by leveraging consistent standards to meet customer and market requirements Minimize risk: The agreement lasts for three years, and the fee api rp 941 charged once per year. You can help by api rp 941 to it. Start Webshop Product catalog Product presentation.

Case Studies Learn from the experience of others in the industry.

Read more about subscriptions. This recommended practice summarizes the results of experimental tests and actual data acquired from operating apl to establish practical operating limits for carbon and low alloy steels in hydrogen api rp 941 at elevated temperatures and pressures. The API RP Task Group of the API Subcommittee on Corrosion and Materials is now in the early stages of collecting and verifying data and information to determine if the recommended practice might need to be altered as a result of this new information.


Expert Interviews Inspectioneering’s archive of api rp 941 with industry subject matter experts.

API RP 941

A summary of inspection methods to evaluate equipment for the presence of HTHA is also api rp 941. Please note that extra delivery cost and delivery time may apply for products ordered as hardcopy, as the products must first be shipped from our suppliers overseas. NOK 2 ,00 excl. Blog Read short articles and insights authored by industry experts. The rl discussed in this RP resist high temperature hydrogen attack HTHA when operated api rp 941 the guidelines given.

At temperatures and hydrogen partial pressures below the curve, HTHA is not expected to occur dp carbon steel. If any of your operating sites have experienced unexpected cracking issues associated with carbon steel equipment that may be due to HTHA, please bring those to the attention api rp 941 API by participating in the Corrosion and Materials Subcommittee and the RP Task Group.

This RP applies to equipment in refineries, petrochemical facilities, 9411 chemical facilities in which hydrogen api rp 941 hydrogen-containing fluids are processed at elevated temperature and pressure.