Buy ASME TDP Recommended Practices For Prevention Of Water Damage To Steam Turbines Used For Electric Power Generation: Fossil-fueled Plants. asme tdp 1 sai global store industry standards. Sat, 06 Oct GMT asme tdp 1 sai pdf – Asme tdp 1 pdf is the first line of defense in. Sat, 06 Oct GMT asme tdp 1 pdf. – Asme tdp 1 pdf is the first line of defense in gigabyte gv-r96pd driver turbine water damage.

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Independent level signals indicating a high-high alarm condition in thetank shall be provided in the tfp room. Damage can be minimized if prompt and decisive action is taken at the first warning of water induction into a turbine.

They shall also have a manual override to open in the control room for asne during start-up. Condensate on the shell side is removed by the heater drain system. If a manual bypass is used, the inherent possibilities of water induction shall be reduced through administrative control. This connection can be used as a telltale for periodically testing for block valve leakage.

Thefollowing design guidelines are provided to assist designers in developing piping systems to prevent the induction of water into the main steam turbine through auxiliary drive turbine throttle steam supply lines. During the initial operation of the steam generator and steam turbine, operating proceduresshould be finalized that will balance the requirements awme proper drainage against excessive depressurization.

The high alarm shall be an indication that 2060 heater level has risen to the point where the alternate drain system is required to function.

Any additional valving in the line to the condenser shall also be forced open.

The nonreturn valves shall be located so that they prevent steam bypass from one main steam turbine extraction zone to another. The bypass operator speed asmd be fast enough to avoid system upsets.


The broad acceptance that this Standard has received caused ASME to decide to reissue it in mandatory language rather than 0206 recommended practice. A contact heater that is especially designed to remove noncondensable gases is termed a deaerator. The required time of operation of the block valves 20006 then calculated by using the larger flow rate of the above two conditions and the usable pipe and heater storage volume between the high-high level and the block valve.

Extraction systems shall be designed in accordance with paras.

ASME TDP-1 2013.pdf

During turbine operation, contact pyrometers, thermocouples, or other temperature sensors may be used for this check. The rdp of the auxiliary drive turbine itself shall follow the requirements for steam turbines as outlined in paras.

Detection of water downstream of the block valve during normal operation shall be alarmed in the control room.

Each drain valve shall be bypassed with a line with a continuous orifice. IntheCommittee proposed a revision to this Standard to include information on condenser steam and water dumps, direct contact feedwater heaters, and steam generators.

Occasionally, small bypass valves are installed around the tube side isolation valves shown in Figs. Consideration shall also be given to sloping piping in the same of flow to encourage drainage to the low point drain s. This valve shall operate at a speed fast enough that, during its travel time, the water inflow to the DC heater cannot fill the usable volume between the emergency high-high level and the bottom of the extraction connection on the heater.

Additionally, the tube bundle occupies a large portion of the shell volume that cannot be counted in the storage volume. The water should be drained from the source pipe. The review for low points shall consider all portions of the lines from the steam source outlet to the connection on the steam turbine, including any branches or dead legs including those caused by valve closure.

Thesame plant design requirements that apply to other steam generators apply to HRSGs. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form, in an electronic retrieval system or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.


Preventing Turbine Water Damage: TDP-1 Updated

If used, drain pots shall be fabricated from 4 in. This water is usually aske into the system from the reheat attemperator spray station, the high pressure bypass attemperators, or the feedwater heaters, which extract steam from the cold reheat line.

Figures 6 and 8 show the normal primary drain line with its associated level control and an automatically operated alternate drain and its level control system. This will remove the heater from service and cut off the source of water that results from aske leaks. For example, if a drain valve is closed automatically based on a timer, something other than the timer, such as a level switch that would alarm if water were still present in the steam line, shall be used to verify that the timer initiation was appropriate.

The drain piping shall be sloped in the direction of flow away from the steam turbine.

ASME TDP-1 pdf – Free Download PDF

The design of the seal 206 and diverter system including the piping system, control logic, or operating procedures, if applicable shall be carefully considered to ensure that when the heater is restored to operation, and disposition of seal steam is reset back to the heater, that there is no accumulation of water in the seal steam piping that can enter the turbine through the heater extraction line.

Care shall be taken not to use nominal pipe or valve sizes without clearly determining that the inside diameter meets this minimum dimension. This Standard is not intended to impose new requirements retroactively for existing facilities.