C – 03 Standard Specification for Marble Dimension Stone (Exterior), marble, stone, sawed. ASTM C “Standard Specification for Marble Dimension Stone”. • Includes material characteristics, physical requirements, and sampling appropriate to the. 10, Published September Originally published as C – 62 T. Last previous edition C – 2 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol

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This would predictably skew the results; however the two procedures would be expected to have at least some level of correlation. ASTM continues astm c503 play a leadership role in addressing the standardization needs of the global marketplace.

Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. Currently, there are over twenty five documents published by ASTM International related to astm c503 stone. A Astm c503, or nomenclature, standard is a glossary of industry or material specific terms.


The current status of any standard or specification can be confirmed by contacting astm c503 proper authority. This gave the explanation of degradation astm c503 and led to the determination of the critical influencing factors. The ast stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other.

The three European Standardization Astk cooperate on policy astm c503 technical matters of common interest. Abrasion resistance and friction are two examples where the test methods differ so greatly that one cannot make a reasonable correlation astm c503 the results of the two procedures.

ASTM C / CM – 15 Standard Specification for Marble Dimension Stone

While the EN procedure includes additional sub procedures testing varying properties, the Apparent Density value is tested similarly to how density is determined astm c503 the ASTM system.

Standard Material Astm c503 A Specification standard merely defines the measureable requirements that a product must meet to satisfy that standard. Standard Test Methods A Standard Test Method, just as the name implies, is a documented protocol by which a material is to be tested to quantify a specific property. This specification covers the material characteristics, physical requirements, and sampling method appropriate to the selection of marble dimension stone for general building and structural purposes.


ASTM does not give any warranty express or implied or make any representation that the contents of this abstract are accurate, complete or astm c503 to date. This information will be available at a later date. The astm c503 difference is the mode of immersion, in which case the ASTM method immerses the astm c503 specimen completely without astm c503. As the highest policy-making body in European standardization, it takes due account of political and economic developments likely to affect astm c503.

It is informational only and not an official part of the standard; the full text of the standard itself must be referred to for its use and application. Without a consistent, realistic set of standards and testing procedures for stone products, the stone industry as a whole would be in disarray.

Astm c503 is a non-profit distributing organization and offers global services in the linked fields of standardization, systems assessment, product certification, training and advisory services. The Institute represents the interests of its nearly 1, company, organization, government agency, institutional, and astm c503 members through its office in New York City, astm c503 its headquarters in Washington, D. Final engineering and specification compliance will normally require data obtained from the exact, specified test procedure.

The use of natural stone as facade cladding has been shown to have much lower life cycle costs and they are more environmentally friendly than comparable products of concrete, glass, and steel. Today, NSF Food Equipment Standards are globally recognized, and certification to the standards is required by regulators, specified by end users, and marketed by manufacturers.

ASTM C / CM – 10 Standard Specification for Marble Dimension Stone

Not a test method, but rather an analysis, the ASTM C and EN methods for petrographic analysis of dimension stone are similar. It should be noted that neither procedure would d503 the preferred method for determining bending strength. Astm c503 response, short-sighted and less durable construction solutions are used as an alternative, adding to the decreasing export figures and numbers of employees within the stone sector. This abstract astm c503 a brief summary of the referenced standard.


The rationale behind this protocol is that a asfm shaped stone sample, if immediately submerged, can trap the equivalent of an air bubble in its interior astm c503 and never achieve full saturation.

ASTM C503/C503M—10 Standard Specification for Marble Dimension Stone (PDF Download)

Documents pertaining to dimension stone fall into four different categories of ASTM publications: Documents pertaining to dimension stone fall into four different categories of ASTM publications:.

A Standard Test Method, just astm c503 the name implies, is a documented protocol asrm which a material is to be tested to quantify a specific property. ASTM International is a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of voluntary consensus standards. Today, over 12, Astm c503 standards are used around the world to improve product quality, enhance health and safety, strengthen market access and trade, and build consumer confidence.

Astm c503 standards and specifications astm c503 revised or updated periodically. It agrees a common approach to technical issues of interest to all three bodies, and towards standards organizations c5503 other regions of astm c503 world, by arranging collaboration meetings and concluding formal agreements as appropriate.

The physical property requirements to which marble stones shall adhere to are absorption by weight, astm c503, compressive strength, modulus of rupture, abrasion resistance, and flexural strength. Dimension marble shall include stone that is sawed, cut, split, or otherwise finished or shaped into blocks, astm c503 or tiles, and shall specifically exclude molded, cast and artificially aggregated units composed of fragments, and also crushed and broken stone.

These technical experts represent producers, users, consumers, government and academia, representing countries.