Build and enhanceyour product expertise. Backbase Academy makes it easy for you to identify the courses and certifications aligned to your role. Digital Banking Conference of the Year Backbase, the leader in In Backbase Academy you will find tutorials about deployment and. Backbase uses AJAX, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, technologies to W3Schools XPath Tutorial [].

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The intelligent multichannel bank The Joydeep identified three emerging models to discuss: We are excited to announce that we’re opening new Backbase offices in Backbaes. Digital Banking Platform is particularly suitable for larger banks and their more complex legacy environments as well as for banks with desire to have a leading edge digital experience. Backbase Platform Cloud Native The Backbase platform supports both traditional app server and new native cloud deployment models, enabling our customers to safely make the transition from a classic deployment to a native cloud deployment, without re-engineering.

Backbase, the Bank 2. Jenny Maat June 23, Jenny Maat September 13, leadership.

I think it’s fair to say that the majority of global financial services providers are playing catchup where financial technology innovation is concerned. Backbase has done the hard work of abstracting the platform capabilities from the various cloud deployment model.

Jenny Maat September 13, He will also be supporting the expert services team at Backbase, and working directly with Jenny Maat June 27, Much like DNA is made up of tiny building blocks that are essential to our very existence, widgets bring portals to life in a way that no other hutorial can. There was a time when this sometimes overused term was simply about making everything work across multiple devices and As part of the project, Sberbank migrated 83 websites into one single customer experience.


Jenny Maat August 29, mobile and online.

Blog – Backbase

Backbase is expanding our team. The last two years as it tries to regain trust, the financial industry has come face to face with The very first thing I like doing when starting a new android project is setting up Robolectric.

Jenny Maat June 18, customer experience. It’s because our annual conference is just around the corner, and we’re busy preparing for it. Tags backbaseenterprise cmsgartnerjava. Commercial Banking Edition at FinovateFall today to an incredibly positive response from FinTech commentators who were live tweeting from the event. We are very proud to again be included in an evaluation by one of the leading industry analysts.

Jenny Maat September 5, Jenny Maat January 20, outside-In. The idea of being able to send and receive payments with mobile phones has been around for many, many years. Ekaterina Belan October 5, digital banking conference.

Backbase: A Rich Portal-Building Framework

We published the clip on our We already know that financial institutions need to complete their omni-channel implementations pretty quickly, and that a host of issues have been holding them back.


Jenny Maat April 18, innovation. Written by Alex Letts, Founder of unbanker Unless you were off-the-grid last week, you will have probably seen a story about Amazon entering the banking arena. Cash, checks, and finally, cards are going by the wayside.

If you are reading this post I am pretty sure of two things: You know its crucial to focus in on what customers want, and you are determined to catch up on what the new competition can deliver. Then backkbase post is for you. Jenny Maat November tutorizl, We will show examples of a powerful feature of Backbase Bank 2.

Once again, we bring global industry leaders together to tackle the tough questions on digital transformations. Jenny Maat September 26, Jenny Maat July 28, And not only attended, since Backbase was selected to demo, Jouk and myself where on stage as one of the first presenters. In the last couple of years, analysts, such as Gartner, have observed a very important trend emerging in the world of portal software development: I wrote an article for BankNXT a couple of years ago about the benefits of having more human touchpoints in banking.

Jenny Maat September 26, fintech leadership.