The Detachment (A John Rain Novel Book 7) and millions of other books are .. This item:The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers) by Barry Eisler Paperback. The Detachment. Barry Eisler. Thomas & Mercer (Amazon, dist.), $ trade paper (p) ISBN Thriller specialist Eisler (Inside Out, , etc.) combines characters from his two regular series in a muddled but mostly exciting tale of.

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Barry Eisler – Wikipedia

That being said i found this book to be a bit of a let down compared to the last three books. And then the the mayhem begins.

Then in the second half the book kicks up about five gears as the tale quickly morphs into a Mitch Rapp adventure so complex and so unlikely it had me grappling for the off button on my audio recording.

After amicably terminating his previous publishing contracts and regaining his rightsEisler changed the titles and covers on all the Rain books, and the covers of the Treven books. Narry friend, Dox, really shines here. Once there, Horton lays out a chilling scheme in which a group of plotters is planning a coup against the United States government. John Rain 7Ben Treven 3. From the beginning, he seemed more settled and the way he handled Larison vetachment shocking.


To understand what’s really going on in this book, it’s pivotal to read the other one.

BARRY EISLER: The Official Website

I’m sure Larison can arrange it. This is John Rain at his best; planning and executing operations across the US and in Europe and foiling others; and most difficult of all, keeping this uneasy partnership together and alive. Jul 04, David Bergsland rated it it was ok. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. They always end too soon.

Fans of the series will be very happy to see Rain return and those who haven’t yet made his acquaintance will likely be scurrying to find the earlier books in the series after reading this one. The hits are well done, I thought. Refresh and try again.

If you’re new to John Rain, you don’t need to read the older novels to enjoy this one, though it helps with returning characters. Things become quite disturbing. John Rain and Dox have a unique and not entirely easy partnership, at least from Rain’s Point of View.

Inevitably, the book contains a lot of twists and turns and enough action to satisfy any fan of the genre. The thought of false flag attacks on American soil, troubles me-it could happen.

Kane rated it it was amazing. To add to the mix there’s Dox as well as Treven and this detachment becomes as stable as old dynamite. Sep 19, Wanda rated it it was amazing. Bagry however has a secret and when he encounters a certain predatory trio who manage to get themselves on to his radar.


Trivia About The Detachment J The scriptwriter is yet to be decided upon. Said mission being nothing less than saving America from a plot to suspend the Constitution by sowing so much fear in the hearts of Americans that they’re willing to give up eusler freedoms for an illusion of safety. Naturally, this won’t be easy, which is why Horton needs someone like Rain.


That’s skillfu Barry Eisler manages a difficult challenge in his “Rain” books, almost like keeping a knife balanced on its edge. At one point Rain thinks, “I ever work with a team again, just kill me, and then had to stifle a crazy laugh b I love Eisler’s novels. Mitch Rapp this seemed more like Eisler wrote the detacment to make a point. He knows unlimited surveillance is the only way to keep America safe.

After a four-year absence, assassin John Rain returns in The Detachment.