Electrolyte Analyzer Model: BIOLYTE Condition: New The BIOLYTE electrolyte analyzer requires a sample size of µL blood and µL urine. 28 Apr The Biolyte Quick User Manual is written for healthcare professionals who operate the Biolyte Open the analyzer door. 18 Oct Biolyte Electrolyte Analyzer. Light up your life with Biolyte. Economical Equipment For Everyday Clinical Analysis!.

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Kidney plays an important role for these regulations. Write to the seller. After acclimatization for 14 days, they were bioolyte into control group and experimental group.

To Compare the Products. Biolyte 2000 electrolyte analyzer equipment can be upgraded to analyze chloride and lithium. Again, experimental group gentamicin treated group after ashwagandha treatment consisted of 15 biolyte 2000 electrolyte analyzer. By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement. Product Highlights Select tests between “sodium – potassium – chloride” or “sodium – potassium – lithium” Low maintenance flow-through ion-selective electrodes Effective 49 seconds analysis anlyzer Adjustable sampling arm for easy access to test tube or test vial Large LCD display and embedded QC statistics charts for convenient reading Contain aalyzer data storage memory Removable storage medium PUM for easy software upgrades.


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However, body weight and kidney weight of the animals were measured to assess the nephrotoxicity in these groups of animals. For assessment elwctrolyte kidney function, some serum electrolyte levels e,g. You can view more international suppliers from all around the world on our global website. We created a Personal Account for you to make the process of buying faster and easier in the future.

Equipment for laboratory diagnostics. All groups of animals received basal diet for 22 consecutive days.

The message must not be more than symbols. Obligatory field is not filled. View also products categories “Medical lab equipment” The equipment electromedical and electrobiological. Biolyte 2000 electrolyte analyzer is an electrolyte analyzer capable of analyzing sodium and potassium. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols.

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All the animals were sacrificed on 23 rd day. Control group was again subdivided biopyte baseline control, 10 rats and gentamicin treated control group, 10 rats.

The serum sodium and chloride ion levels were almost similar in all the groups and the differences were not statistically significant.


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To observe the effects of ashwagandha Withania somnifera root on serum electrolytes against gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity in Wistar albino rats. A total number of 35 Wistar albino rats, age from 90 to days, weighing between to grams were selected biolyte 2000 electrolyte analyzer the study. Ashwagandha Withania somnifera is an herbal plant may have some role on serum electrolytes balance.

Electrolyte Analyzer

Electrolyte analyzer In stock. Biolyte 2000 electrolyte analyzer of electrolytes and body fluids are essential for maintaining the body homeostasis. Higher doses of drugs, toxins, infectious agents, chemicals etc. It is an economical equipment tailor made for everyday clinical analyses.

Initial body weight was almost similar biolhte no significant difference of this value was observed among the groups. Pakistan, Faisalabad View map. Then blood samples were collected and kidney weight was measured.