endorsed by Games Workshop, Black Library and/or Fantasy Flight Games. As a fan-made . living in the latter half of M41 in the Calixis sector. A native of .. distant, lightly populated, and lacking in important industries. The sub is big on faith. Following Games Workshop’s closure of the Black Industries imprint, and compiled it into a PDF titled “The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia”. Black Industries regret to announce that Dark Heresy: Disciples of the Dark Gods 31 Mar , and The Inquisitor’s Handbook (optional supplementary rules). .. The Calixis Sector is very deliberately a region riddled with.

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It satisfies itself in commanding the Malfian Sub-sector, ruling the territories rimward and spinward of Scintilla.

Dark Heresy

As the players work for an Inquisitor, most missions involve rooting out heresies or matters relating to them, but cxlixis bredth of the game allows for many other missions, including wiping out dangerous gangs, gathering evidence of corruption, or eliminating rogue psykers.

Other barons, by contrast, have troops patrolling the upper mines ensuring that no one wears the wrong colour on the wrong day, spits in the street or fails to use the traditional forms of address. If another Great House needs raw materials, they often come from mines, fields or refineries managed by DeVayne thralls.

No one has the power to gainsay the word of the Inquisition. The twins require an audience on the bridge at all times and lots are drawn to determine which crew members must spend a day in an area known as the watch court. Frontline of ‘ Wrack War ‘.

This light is actually concentrated on Icenholm by a series of enormous reflecting mirrors positioned around the peaks overlooking the Gorgonid Mine, an expensive and complicated process that makes it look as if the light of some distant heaven is shining directly onto the capital. The power of the Adepta, however, is rivalled by the Great Houses, the noble families and corporations, which maintain a presence across the sector.

The frequent blizzards that rip across Sepheris Secundus guids up the waters of the Fathomsound, and many serfs are lost to the freezing waters with every storm.


The Imperial settlers, mainly frontier farmers, wage a constant war with them. Cynics insist that the Incorporation must still have some religious purpose at its heart to command such devotion from the same people whose lives it made a misery. Source of Ghostfire Pollen. Middle hivers labour in sweltering workshops bathed in the heat filtering down from the sun, plagued by sunbeams that sweep through the hive during the day and burn exposed skin.

Reported visit from the Hereticus Tenebrae 8 years ago. Traders representing inxustries planetary and sector-wide houses buy, sell and try to swindle each other.

Calixis Sector

Traders are able to make large sums selling exotic dyes to the Dreahans. Sal Clarino rated it really liked it Jan 31, Settlement is a new Imperial colony world established four hundred standard years agoseating eighteen thousand families on a dry, harsh settlement world.

Certainly the dynasty owns a great deal, from hive spire estates to tracts of land, but it does not seem to control any Agri-worlds or manufactoria with which to make the money it so clearly has. Though situated on the opposite side of the galaxy to Calixis, the two are linked by a Warp Gatethrough which vessels travel in the blink of an eye a distance that would normally take months, if not years, of perilous Warp navigation.

One of its major products is voidship parts and the Imperial Navy ‘s Battlefleet Calixis in particular relies on Skaelen-Har to keep its warships in space. The origins of this unusual structure are not recorded anywhere, but a common theory is that it was built around the core of an enormous warship that docked there during the Angevin Crusade and never left, the hive city growing up around it like a pearl around a speck of grit.

Several groups in the Calixis Sector hold power that is not restricted to one planet, but can be felt across the whole sector. This article purports to rely on sources which are not cited in the body of the text.

Between these celebrated ceremonial times of docking, Ambulon supplies Sibellus and Gunmetal City by way of regular land trains: She wonders why her serfs have to live such grim lives of toil and whether there is another way that Sepheris Secundus could be ruled. Ot Arbites and the Magistratum despise each other and have little interest in working together except under dire circumstances. The Church of the Damned 3: The Planetary Governor is attempting to crack down on this trade, with little success.


Retrieved from ” http: Dark Heresy 1st Edition Warhammer System. Contents [ show ]. Perhaps the most troubling is the prophecy of the Tyrant Starthe horrific harbinger of ruin and desolation, the spectral sun which consumes light, hope and sanity. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Calixis Sector – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Most importantly they are trained in the strength of mind to resist the secular temptations that are a constant threat to the Sisters Famulous. Though her mind is still sound, her body is infirm and, some of the more ambitious barons say, she is losing the ruthlessness and willpower that once served her so well. Hive Tarsus is a mercantile hive and controls all off-world trade and commerce.

The Awesome Dark Heresy: Some fans got together and copied all the relevant planet information stuff about government and inquisition stuff made it word for word into the core rulebook and made “The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia”. Basically the Lexicanum as usual is a heap of lies and heresy. People are an afterthought in Gunmetal City. Following Games Workshop ‘s closure of the Black Industries imprint, Fantasy Flight Games acquired the licence to publish role-playing games set in the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40, universes.

Caidin and the High Council do their best to keep the scattered Inquisitors moving with a unified purpose, but sometimes they have to arbitrate disputes. One of the largest and newest armies of Iocanthos is that led by Seth the Voice, self-styled Prophet of the Emperor and figurehead of an apocalyptic splinter cult of the Imperial Creed.