No account yet? Apply for a new account. Make an account. I am a car owner. You are a car owner. Choose your country and language. Land. – Velg -, Belgium . Upgraded web catalogue uses the latest vehicle definitions for accurate search; Full range of Bosal’s aftermarket options showcased for the first time; Easy. Thank God Bosal Exhaust System exists to ease this burden. The Bosal exhaust system installs quickly and correctly with thousands of patterns for original-equipment exhaust systems. Try the Bosal Exhaust System, Bosal Headers and Bosal Mufflers to complete your performance ride.

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Catalogue | BM Catalysts

In an effort to reduce the number of occasions that boal incorrect part is being supplied and fitted to the vehicle, MAM Autocat will shortly be introducing the Euro level as a search criteria when identifying the correct part for a particular vehicle.

All are fully approved and can ccatalogue 3p per litre in fuel costs, with emissions matching or improving on OE. Page Title of catalogue. These might be a little wide of the mark, but it does seem that for a private motorist wanting to upgrade to the latest technology, the idea of a conventional powertrain must seem a bit old fashioned.

Not Applicable Total Images: Racking was installed in double-quick time.

Other stands brought various cars and bikes from series that they sponsor as well as the usual show novelties. After the show was opened, complete with ribbon cutting and the traditional comedy big scissors I wonder where they come from? STAGES Back at the show the following day I would have liked to have had more time to attend some of the industry and technical seminars that were taking place on a number of stages across the halls.

This includes Tech World for technicians as well as Partner World for factors and others in the supply chain. At present Bosal plants are located worldwide: Each system is guranteed for two years.

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New Bosal Catalog Covers Import Exhaust and Catalytic Converters

He adds that a typical converter weighing four kilos will have catapogue more than fifty grammes of matting in it, but that is not the point. There was an ethical element to it as well.


Activation not required Condition: Helen Goldingay, UK Marketing and Communications Manager at Hella, concurs, stating that although most garages are up-to-speed with EGTS, attention on newer technology must be brought to the forefront. A boeal office is also featured next door, where staff could be heard rattling phones and dealing with customer calls on our arrival. Last month, almost anything registered before was effectively banned from central London, thanks to the so-called Toxicity Charge.

Other PA core product lines included Monroe shock absorbers and Shaftec steering catalogur suspension parts awaiting distribution. Find the best baby monitors.

Various potions that are poured in the fuel or in the crankcase, as well as several machines have come onto the market in recent years.

Not Applicable H6 Headings: It was markedly quieter than the aftermarket halls, although it should be noted that catalotue the supply chain market as a whole is huge and worth big money, the number of buyers within it is relatively small, and stands dealing with VM services were of little interest to technicians, so it might be unfair to judge its success on the amount of feet in the room alone. Vehicles and replacement emission control devices must meet specific standards for exhaust emissions before they can be offered for sale in the European Union.

Manufacturers of catalysts and DPFs will be asked to submit the Euro level for which their part has been homologated to enable an accurate match upon lookup. Inside, the bossl follows an accessory shop format with a trade counter situated at the back with well- known car care, tool and retail brands stacked against the centre walls. This is made possible as the internal specification of the part is largely the key to the emissions performance of the vehicle.

Indeed, clutches were the original part of the business as the company was established to arrange the collection of used clutches back in when Barnes saw parts in a garage he was working in getting thrown in the bin. The point which he has raised it’s so alarming for Should hand car washes face further regulation? Real retailers competing in a digital world. However, I was keen to get going as my appointment book was full and I was running late before I had even started.


Last month, the Parts Alliance opened bosall branches: From the point of view of the whole CAT team, we could have happily stayed there for a month if we could — there were so many people to see. P are not ‘owned’ by ECP but only s You always have an opportunity to buy Bosal car parts online on our website at the best price.

Throughout the show, I spent most of my time in the three aftermarket halls, but on the final day I had a meeting with Stericycle a company that manages recalls for the VMs and so I spent a while exploring the area dedicated bsal the automotive supply chain.

WLTP is now being applied to new vehicles types but does not yet apply to replacement parts.

BOSAL car parts online catalogue

Kalrius is the leading European manufacturer of replacement exhaust cataogue with over types in stock in the UK. Gray mentions they will be announced in good time once suitable building sites have been sourced.

Not Applicable Alexa BackLinks: Conversely, industry experts have warned that a clampdown on diesel vehicles could result in the UK actually missing European environmental targets. Traffic Report Daily Unique Visitors: The bad news is that no-one knows which ones as there was never any requirement on the part of the producers to declare or label products with the material.

One more step

As no active threats were reported recently by users, catalogue. By contrast, prices for parts were still high catallogue the nineties as there was very little in the way of cheap components from the Far East on the market at the time, so it was good business to supply those that were catalpgue to remanufacture with quality core.

I did manage to get over to hear the winner of the Garage of the Year announced, which turned out to be Motorserv UK, which readers who have been paying close attention might recall we visited this time last year. Thu, 19 Nov One interesting stat that Chief Exec Mike Hawes raised was that the British public now spend catzlogue online on car accessories than they do on cosmetics.