Blowback has ratings and reviews. Gary said: This author keeps coming up with ways to keep the story fresh. In a James Rollins/Dan Brown type.. . Archaeologists make a stunning discovery in a pass high in the French – Italian Alps, but do not live to tell the tale. A year later, Islamic. Blowback by Brad Thor – Scot Harvath’s counterterrorism career has just crashed and burned—thanks in part to a ruthless senator with her sights set on the.

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At its core, this is another trendy cliffhanger for the Mile-High-Book-Club. At the same time, America’s War on Terror continues, and secretly the President sends Harvath back out into the field on his most dangerous mission yet, he is sent to the Swiss Alps to uncover an ancient weapon designed to decimate the Roman Empire, and is about to fall into the hands of terrorists who will use the weapon to obliterate the US and the rest of the world, and Harvath is the only hhor who can stop them!

How could their weapons affect us now? Books by Brad Thor.

Possible 1 “unintended consequences of failed foreign policy or botched covert action”, 2 “CIA agent or operation turned against creators” – before Prologue. Leave this field blank. The writing is inconsistent and common. In tunnels, Jill slays Assassin on point of killing Scot. Other books in the series. I was a little skeptical when I started reading this book because recommendations for Brad Thor had come from people who also liked Brad Meltzer and Andrew Gross and I found their work to be less satisfying that I would have liked.


The plot is international bio-terrorism and we are taken bllwback a long historical journey on the origin of Islamic terrorism. Babcock, born on this date inwould have enjoyed this one. A group with Al Qaeda links led by the Scorpion intends to use it to bring America to her knees.

Jillian and Scot soon discover a possible connection to the missing scientist and the biological weapon as they evade Khalid Sheik Alomari and murder charges. The faction now desires to use the weapon to rebuild the Ottoman Empire. In this thriller, counter-terrorism operative, Scot Harvath, sets out to prevent a Muslim caliphate from becoming blowbafk rea If you are a fan of Ludlum, you may like Brad Thor.

Feb 11, Patrick Gibson rated it it was ok Shelves: And then a US army unit moves into the peaceful, multi-religion village of Asalaam near Mosul in Iraq. Firstly the attempted political and career discrediting of the main character, Scot Harvarth, by a US Senator who has her sights set on the Vice-Presidential and ultimately Presidential nomination though the destroying of the current sitting President.

Beyond this veneer of hoo-rah American Nationalism lies the kernel of a good action thriller. Thank you for all of your support. Oct 24, Barbara Sheppard rated it really liked it. He must also stop his arch enemy Khalid Sheik Alomari, a high-ranking thot operative and ruthless assassin.

Blowback (Scot Harvath, #4) by Brad Thor

We estimate that approximately one percent of people descended from northern Europeans are virtually immune to HIV infection. As he learns what is happening, so do we. The narrator did a nice job on the voices and accents of each character.


Like, literally, they will helicopter into remote mountain fortresses and land in the middle of raging firefights sneak through heavily guarded blwoback all so that they can ominously enter a conversation on just the right phrase. I just could not take this story and characters I checked out from public library the audio book version.

Tuesday, October 9, – 2: Jan 13, Karen Roettger rated it it was ok. Thor’s research is admirable, down to brand names and minute detail, but this one seemed over the top to me. It happened, I think, three times in this one novel alone.

BLOWBACK – Brad Thor

He also lets us know blobwack kind of watch he wears. Though he was no judge of man flesh, Harvath couldn’t help but notice how handsome the guy was.

Then a temporary ceremony, commonly used, takes little time, lets them approach areas forbidden before. As a final thought: Ragheads hatch a new dastardly plot to defeat America by developing a deadly toxin from a rare snake contained in an ancient scientific journal, updated for modern introduction by joining the venom with modified rabies infection.

A year later, Islamic scientists begin dying in seeming accidents or outright assassinations and kidnappings all around the world. Mostly, these days we are on our own deciphering the correct connotation, if any.