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High-quality cutting head with x 4 mm particle size for high security needs according to German BSI – TL and North American NSA/CSS The Federal Office for Information Security (German: BSI) recommends a particle the strict requirements of the Technical Guideline BSI TLversion High-quality cutting head with x 4 mm particle size for high security needs according to German BSI – TL and North American NSA/CSS

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Some tools and devices are expensive or are not easy to operate correctly. Take advantage of solutions that meet your very bdi-tl needs. Which methods are suitable for deleting or destroying the data and data media used in the organisation depends on how the data is stored, the data media used, and the protection requirements of the information.

The systems are particularly highly efficient for paper shredding in that they adjust their speed to the input and have a frequency-controlled direct belt drive ESC drive.

Bso-tl the entire data medium with a random numerical pattern and verification. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Burglar-proof collection containers should be placed at suitable locations and emptied regularly to this end. The use of the following methods as deletion methods is not recommended, because they are not reliable and it is possible to reconstruct data deleted using these methods: Open the catalog to page 2. At peak performance, the shredders can achieve a paper throughput of up to 9 tonnes per hour V-ECO Keep on reaping the benefits from robust construction, the latest, partly patented technology and interplay of VEZ pre- and re-shredding in on production line.


All-in-one devices copiers, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the particle size, for example by means of a simple visual inspection regarding the data from the device manual.

For this reason, it may make sense to sign service contracts with external bsit-l providers to this end. Open the catalog to page 1.

Upgrading the re-shredder VAZ T doubles throughput and delivers output material that is considerably more homogeneous with the same drive capacity. Our engineers are specialists in the subject. The protection class can then be used to derive the security levels to be applied to the different data media.

IDEAL OMD/CD/DVD Shredder – Paper Shredders

Were the employees instructed how to apply the methods used to delete and destroy information, and in particular how to use the tools and devices available for this purpose? Currently no reliable method for increased protection requirements. Are there already tools available for the deletion and destruction of information? Destruction devices are subject to wear due to normal use. With a wide product range specifically developed for document and data carrier destruction, we can offer you just the right solution for your data carrier, required security level and What are the protection requirements of the data stored on the data media?

If there is a buffer battery for the memory, it must be removed first. For this reason, a requirements analysis should be performed before selection in order to find suitable methods.

Magnetic tapes, magnetic tape cassettes: The employees must receive instructions on how to apply the methods selected for deleting and destroying information, especially if the employees themselves will be using the corresponding tools. For normal protection requirements, protection class 2 is appropriate.

For high protection requirements, the hard disk must be overwritten once using suitable software after each printout. The following questions, amongst other things, must be answered during the requirements analysis: The reprocessing of film with the most difficult contaminants into high-purity granulates for profitable sales and usage! This website is using cookies. For higher protection requirements, the particle size should not exceed 30 square millimetres level T Does the destruction result meet the protection requirements?


When disposing of a device or when taking a device out of service, S 2. For this reason, these data media should be burned. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It must be documented comprehensibly which methods were selected for deleting and destroying the various types of data and the corresponding protection requirements and how to apply these methods. The most important recommendations are presented briefly below.

For normal protection requirements, the information should be deleted from the cache after printout using a delete function.

A simple screen change allows the use of different screen hole sizes for achieving the necessary security level. Every new development undergoes intensive testing at our Technical Centre.

Business Equipment

These data media can be shredded mechanically using a shredder. Before disposal, the data medium should be overwritten as described above. Deleting data from data media using the simple delete commands available in the respective operating systems or formatting the data media is not adequate to securely delete the data stored on the corresponding data media.

The deletion of data or the destruction of data media should be performed promptly and at or near the workplace so that the data media do not need to be stored temporarily.