Download CARE2X – Integrated Hospital Info System for free. Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. ER Diagram with detailed fields descriptions (PDF files) (Release version , , ). Person. Person – Encounter – Address (). Please refer to the documentation of PHP in doing these configurations. If you are running Care2x in an SSL server, make sure that the $httprotocol variable in .

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There are two other teams in Tanzania and one in Uganda starting to work with Care2x. There are no off-the-self systems and documentwtion programs must be customized to our needs and we need support during the implementation and in the long run. Our demo of Care2x is online at http: Read the Guide Download to the latest version: Recent updates OpenRBF updated 1 week ago.

Create the remaining tables. Recent comments “According to the homepage: It has been very stable and the staff is motivated to use it. OpenEMR updated 1 month ago. We have seen that the work routines are quite similar and our plan is to make East-African version of Care2x.


The secret key for the first level script lock. The system architecture was developed upon stable and proven applications.


Enter the following address in the browser: Now when we have the satellite system we can give remote support, which is crucial when we are using a system we are dependent on. Navigation Main page About clinfowiki Recent changes Random page.

If you decide to use a different directory name, please refer to the documentation of Apache in configuring the active directory.

The secret key for the second level script lock. When the interface appears, you can start creating user access rights and permissions. We think the biggest problems with any program will be at the user level and there is very much need for training and motivation.

OpenClinic GA updated 1 month ago. OpenEMR is another program with good features but is best for small practices.

CARE2X | Medical Free/Libre and Open Source Software

GNU Health updated 1 month ago. Read and subscribe it Care2x Current development issues: The project development is supported by a solid infrastructure comprising several components which play important specific roles. For windows users, right click on the file, select “properties” and remove any write protection. Each of these components can also function individually.


The programming was started in December You will crae2x asked for the username and password for accessing the database. After creating the new system admin, remove this script from your active server directory.

ER Diagrams

Any content can be added or modified with a valid user account login. For the main domain, enter the domain documejtation host name without the http: Report on existing open-source electronic medical records. The project was officially accepted in March Enter the username and password that you used at step 8.