Iniciaron comercialmente en Armenia. El 20 de noviembre de se creó la empresa confecciones Leonisa. Se incorpora en su fuerza de. CASO LEONISA. SOLUCION MERCADO CENTROAMERICANO Asegurarse de que la empresa distribuidora del producto cumpla con la función de vender el. También se explican los orígenes de Leonisa y se hace una descripción de DE LEONISA: UNA EMPRESA COLOMBIANA DE ROPA INTERIOR. COLOMBIA ESTUDIO DE CASOS Innovación presentación editor PYMES.

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Even so, the senior management of this group exercises functions related to the corporate level of the strategy. Along the same line, it is important to clarify that it is the corporate strategy that deals with multi-business management, while the competitive one is at the level of each business unit and may be peonisa for each of one.

The subsidiary in Spain handles orders from all over Europe, and has currently attained significant sales in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The cooperative multi-divisional structure is characterized by less decentralization and greater integration between divisions, lepnisa the competitive structure has less integration between divisions and a high degree of operational decentralization.

The following testimony accounts for these not-directed-from-the-headquarters collaborations:.

In Latin America, this type of company is also recognized as an economic group Leff, ; Ramachandran, Manikandan and Pant, ; Stolovich, and as a business group in Colombia, on account of Law from Supersociedades, And the latter, with a concept that integrates the different product lines, seeks to create an identity for the Leonisa woman through the use of underwear. Multidisciplinary Business Review1 6 Prym To produce swimwear as an independent company.

Leonisa. Los visionarios

faso Research notes and commentaries: Headquarters are understood as a central organizational unit wherefrom business units BUs are managed Menz et al. Namely, there is no hierarchy of corporate executives dedicated exclusively to the management of the business as a whole.

The entire export and import operation is managed from the headquarters or central office, and none of the subsidiaries is allowed perform operations outside the Leonisa foreign trade team. Estudios Gerenciales33 What structure does the Leonisa Group adopt to support these functions? From there, national and international orders began to be met and negotiations with freight forwarders began in order to achieve economies of scale in the distribution of products.


In leonias words, the cwso achieved thus far have generated spontaneously in response to the needs of a specific company. One of the interviewees comments on this:. These proposals have been evaluated and implemented in both production and commercial processes. The seven semi-structured interviews were conducted with executives and former executives of both Leonisa and the parent companyas well as from its enterprises or subsidiaries business unitswhich were selected from different hierarchical positions within the structure of each company for their roles as heads, directors or managers.

Why do some multinational corporations relocate their headquarters overseas? The centralized corporate functions exercised by Leonisa to manage the whole, have generated benefits for all companies.

This implies that, while there is a certain level of autonomy for companies and subsidiaries, centralized control is maintained, not only by the boards of each company, but also by the board of Leonisa as the parent company. Over the years, the company has made changes in its strategy and structure to speed up its production processes and reach its customers in more than 20 countries.

fdsfg by Dante Salas Huañac on Prezi

While the Risk Management and Insurance department is in charge of insuring the different companies, managing the policies negotiated as a group for each company, in order to achieve massive negotiations and obtain greater economic benefits.

Instead, these headquarters are evidenced by the functions exercised by its directors at the corporate level of the strategy, such as: Leonisa was formed as a group from the creation of its different companies, with the purpose of minimizing risks in its growth strategy and, at the same time, streamlining both productive and commercial operations.

Leonisa is currently headquartered in Medellin, Colombia, where it produces and markets underwear through various companies described in Table 2. British Journal of Management17 2 In other words, the headquarters are staffed by corporate executives who, from a central office, manage the multi-business company Chandler, Why Conglomerates Thrive Outside the U.

Caso Leonisa Entreprises multi-affaires: Harvard Business Review91 12 Strategic Management Journal27 7 For instance, should Colombia become an unliveable country or Costa Rica become an unviable country at some point, products could be supplied through polyfunctional plants, which would not be specialized in a single product line.


Leonisa has lonisa its business portfolio over the years based on a growth strategy that seeks to minimize leknisa and increase the speed of its operation. Leoniea, it presents the purposes of forming the Leonisa group, as well as its main corporate functions.

Multi-business companies: The Leonisa case

Strategic Management Journal28 4 Business Strategy Review5 4 At last, a Way to Make Synergies Work. In the United States, for cas, it has all the alternatives. These spaces have as their objective alignment the different processes from a single corporate guideline. In the case of vertical backward integration, the production of fabrics, the dyeing and finishing processes and the manufacturing of its products through cooperatives that work exclusively for Leonisa stand out.

Who has the resources, who communicates with whom, who is responsible for what, who can do what, what can be done on their own and what can be done with others, what kinds of careers are available and what is the flow of knowledge throughout the organization p. To establish a commercial network of saleswomen to reach a larger number of customers located anywhere in the country. The transfer of leonis practices is also one of the synergies that this group has achieved through joint management.

Administrative director in charge of accounting, portfolio, credit and collections; and three commercial managers.

If the corporate center is understood not as a corporate hierarchy that meets in identifiable physical headquarters, but as the set of corporate functions exercised to manage the business as a whole, then the Leonisa group can be said to have a corporate center which forms at specific times, according to the needs of the organization. In addition, these authors refer to two perspectives daso which multi-business companies have been czso The four main distribution channels are national and international in scope.