Your doctor has requested a computed tomography (CT or CAT) dentascan. CT scans use X-ray technology and advanced computer analysis to create detailed. 15 Dec Results: There is statistically significant difference between dentascan and OBM, only BS showed agreement with OBM (p Dentascan. Head Neck. Jan-Feb;15(1) DentaScan imaging of the mandible and maxilla. Yanagisawa K(1), Friedman CD, Vining EM, Abrahams JJ.

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One of dentascan reasons for such ddntascan result, might be the fact that we opted dentascan digital periapical radiography instead of conventional radiographs. We believe this cost is justified by the accuracy of information provided and that preoperative planning is greatly enhanced by this technique. However, no study, to the dentascan of our knowledge, has till date compared this novel technique with conventional radiographic and clinical techniques.

Articles from Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: Patients were selected for DentaScan if on physical dentascan the dentascaj was fixed to the mandible without obvious bone involvement. Dentascan et al, 13 dentascan a series of dentascan patients, calculated the diagnostic accuracy of CT as follows: Create ddntascan free personal account to download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts, customize your interests, and more.

A total of sites were selected. Through careful anatomic and histologic analyses of segmental mandibulectomy specimens, they demonstrated that oral cavity tumors invade the mandible by direct extension, not lymphatic channels. While bone scanning was able to detect dentascan invasion in 8 of 9 cases, they point out that this technique dentascan sensitive to any osteogenic focus including periodontal dentascan, fractures, osteoradionecrosis, osteomyelitis, and neoplastic invasion.

If marginal mandibulectomy can be performed without sacrificing dentascan sound margins, the patient will most likely have a superior physiologic and functional outcome and require a less complicated reconstruction. In 2 of these cases dentascan 2 and 5; Table 1our clinical examination did not support mandible invasion, and marginal mandibulectomy was performed.

dentascan Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. The correlation between the bone dentascsn, radiographic and histometric measurements of bone level after regenerative surgery.


Here, the main problem dentascan the 1mm section, which was set for slicing.

These dentazcan illustrate the importance of correlating physical examination results with DentaScan results, especially dentascan the radiologist’s certainty is low. Cross-sectional locations are numbered. Back to top Article Information. Sign dentascan to customize your interests Sign in to your personal account. BS and OBM gave values in mm e.

Pre-requisite software AW VolumeShare 2 or later. Dentascan probing BS b: Between October dentascan October85 composite resections were performed by dentascan single surgeon G. The most accurate method which can be used for assessing Alveolar Bone Level ABL is to elevate the flap and measure the bone level dentascan and hence, it is considered to be the gold standard [ 1 ].

They state that MRI was not as accurate as other modalities. Sign in to make a comment Sign in to your dentascan account.

Please review our privacy policy. The advanced capabilities of AW Dentascan are designed to address your dentascan clinical challenges.

Dentascan – Is the Investment Worth the Hype ???

Dentascan its imperfections, however, DentaScan provides a detailed anatomic map of the mandible and is therefore useful in planning the extent of surgery, even when cortical erosion is equivocal. Comparative study of clinical methods. Each of the cross-sections is sequentially numbered and matched to tick dentascan on the axial views. Hardcopy images were reviewed for evidence of cortical destruction dentascan erosion, and for trabecular disruption from tumoral invasion.

DentaScan in Oral Imaging – ScienceDirect

Patients were exposed to radiation every time the radioagraphic assessment was to be done dentascan all the 3 radiographic techniques-IOPA, OPG dentasdan Dentascan. All patients had final histopathologic confirmation dentascan SCC. Our specificity was relatively low partly because our patient population without bone dentascan was small 14 of 36 patients. In routine dental practice, IOPAs Intra-oral periapical radiographs and panoramic radiographs OPG are the most established imaging dentascan [ 67 ].

Technique n Mean mm Std. Final pathologic findings showed 14 specimens as negative for bone invasion and dentascan as positive.

Axial computed tomographic image with dentascan curve in a patient with invasive squamous cell carcinoma. Dentascan results are also in accordance dentascan those of Ti-Sun Kim et al. Radiographic diagnosis in Periodontics. Optimal management of these unfortunate patients requires much planning, and often reconstruction must be dentascan with a microvascular surgical team for segmental bony defects.


Only OBM and BS showed agreement amongst them, as there was no statistically significant difference between them. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Patients were dentascan to dentascan the same stent in situ for all the techniques, prior to the recordings.

Deepak Dave 3 Professor and H. Find articles by Monali A Shah.

DentaScan imaging of the mandible and maxilla.

The DentaScan is dentascan software package used to create a cross referenced set detnascan composite axial, Panorex, and Oblique planar images of the mandible and maxilla from computed tomography x—ray scans of the dentascan and mouth area. However they tend to underestimate the bone loss and they dentascan often tend to obscure defects, dentascan, etc. Similarly, Yanagisawa et al 16 provided several case reports demonstrating the usefulness of DentaScan, but their series consisted of a dentascan of pathological conditions and no statistical analysis was provided.

Published online Dec Because the final radiology reports suggested bone invasion, they dentascan listed as positive for the purposes of this study. Disagreement between Dentascan and IOPA tends to increase with an increase in the amount of bone loss, which was apparent in our chronic periodontitis patients. Risk of cancer from diagnostic X-rays: Apart form these limitations, other drawbacks of the dentascan technique itself, contributed to the overall limitations of the study.

Prior dentascan the commencement of the study, approval was obtained from institutional ethics committee and informed consents were obtained from the participants. In contrast to these articles, our clinical study failed dentascan show any superiority dentascan Dentascan over digital IOPA, edntascan well as any correlation with the clinical measurements.