Oath of Fealty (Paladin’s Legacy Series) [Elizabeth Moon, Jennifer VanDyck] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the original trilogy starring . For the first time in nearly twenty years, Elizabeth Moon returns to the thrilling realm of her superb Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy. Thanks to. In Oath of Fealty, book one of Paladin’s Legacy, two neighboring realms each get a new king–and both kings face personal danger and social unrest.

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I wanted to give this a higher rating, but it felt like too much detail about too many different storylines was squeezed into this one book. In my own mind as the collection of rejections began I would have to cover every open wall space in my study with rejections, pinned up right next to each other no fair leaving open spaces before I could stop. Person is suddenly put in position of power they feel unqualified for.

And the omnibus is still available as an e-bookjust not as an in-the-hand monster. The writing process is deceptively simple even simpler now, with a computer and printer, because […] [ In the end, she pays the price that heroism demands and becomes the paladin who saves a kingdom Which means the middle volume is where you find out if the initial concept has what it takes to center and control that long an arc. But on Midwinter Night, he is lured from the royal ossuary and confronted with ancient treachery that may keep him from fulfilling his destiny.

Kings Of the North “Uneasy lies the head For the entire first volume, I had long mostly empty days to write in and a horse to care for and ride. The superb trilogy known as The Deed of Paksenarrion is widely judged to be one of the great post-Tolkien fantasies, a masterpiece of sustained world-building and realistic military action. In fact, I got a distinct impression that this world I gave up at a little over the halfway mark. While I don’t like this these as I’m halfway through Kings of the North nearly as well as the trilogy, I do find them well done and satisfying.

Captain Arcolin is given responsibility for Kieri’s old realm and company. Among the books that became important in the research for Paksworld were F. Paks is in this one so glad to see her again!


I am amazed by the consistency of the writing and the characters. Thanks to all of you—and all my other readers—who kept it in print and made celebration of its 30th birthday possible. As this takes place right after Paks undergoes her week of sacrificial torture at the hands of the evil priests of Liart, she still looms very large in everyone’s mind.

February, Limits of Power The unthinkable has occurred in the kingdom of Lyonya.

Oath of Fealty

If you don’t already know and love the characters, this book is not going to make you fall in love with them. A map fixed that. All too often, a return like this can seem forced or stale, but Elizabeth Moon has brought new multilayered life to Paksworld, and it’s all the better for it. And even Paks may find her gods-given magic and peerless fighting skills stretched to the limit and beyond.

Over all the lands, north and south, an unusual drought begins what may be the same doom that fell upon Old Aare, turning a once green and fertile land into a desert of rock and sand.

I’ve read The Glass Bead Game. We get a character who unexpectedly becomes king and immediately faces As much as I enjoyed the enigmatic Duke in the Paks series, I thought this was the weekest of the three storylines.

I found myself enthralled, no only with the characters but also eizabeth world that had been created by the author, Elizabeth Moon. I like adore what Elizabeth Moon did here. Sleep was overrated, I thought.

Books by Elizabeth Moon.

I need it less now my mind can play music though not as well. Too much referential information.

Originally reviewed May Jan 22, Dan rated it it was amazing Shelves: And even Paks may find her gods-given magic and peerless fighting skills stretched to the limit – and beyond.

Is this a direct sequel to the original eelizabeth or is there enough of a gap to make this a worthy stand alone series? Mikeli’s survival – and that of Tsaia – depend on the only Verrakai whose magery is not tainted pf innocent blood.

The Deed of Paksenarrion told a military fantasy epic which I liked, but fell short of being a favorite. They take place in a familiar European-based fantasy world, but the scenarios and characters are realistic, believable and well-drawn.


Oath of Fealty (Paladin’s Legacy, book 1) by Elizabeth Moon

The story absorbed me from beginning to end, making me want to pick right up with the next one, Kings of the North. Dorrin Duke Verrakai, meanwhile, in her role as Constable of Tsaia, faces her severest challenge yet when a member of the royal succession manifests the one talent Tsaian law will not tolerate while under her guardianship. Divided Allegiance describes her departure from Phelan and fezlty training to become a paladin of Gird To make things even more interesting, one of his other soldiers, Dorrin Verrakai who had fled her family legacy decades earlierhas been called back to elzabeth leadership of the evil Verrakai dukedom which had been seized by the king of Tsai when the previous duke tried to assassinate several members of the ruling family.

Oath of Fealty is written in the style of other classic epic fantasy stories by starting off slow building all the story pieces and characters in an orderly fashion. Other books in the series.

Was the Gird of legend–the farmer-hero who freed people from vicious overlords–a real person? Aug 12, Ada Campbell rated it it was amazing. If he can defeat the Pargunese invaders–surely only human troops–Lyonya will be safe.

It ends with a real bang. And she loves swimming in the circular pool and could do several laps. After that the novel is split into basically three stories – Dorrin, who is now a Lord charged with cleaning up her family’s holding using her magery against their evil magery; Arcolin, now head of Kieri Phelan’s Although Moon’s note in the beginning of the book states you do not have to read the early Deed of Paks, it takes a while to understand what is going on in this elzabeth because the action starts right as the feaoty books ended.