Evertz Microsystems expressly prohibits the use of this manual for any purpose other than the operation of the MVP™ and MVP Maestro™. Due to on going. Updated manual corresponding to Firmware/Maestro release .. C:\ Program files\evertz\VIP\Maestro\systems (default VIP Maestro installation folder). 2. Evertz Microsystems Ltd. MVP server and Maestro software Highest quality multi- image outputs: Most control environment using Evertz Maestro software.

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maestor Align objects on the design canvas. Set the color and opacity of text. Create a template from the selected window that is then stored in the Templates tab of the Object window, and can be reused in future. Evertz Software Downloads If you cannot find the Evertz software you are looking for below, maestri contact support for more information. Place a check next to a GPI used to trigger fault message. File Drop-down Menu Figure Maestro – 20 Revision 1.

No part of this publication may be reproduced without the express written permission of Evertz Microsystems Ltd.

Arrange Sources View Device Address: Status window that displays ARC data. Edit Drop-down Menu Figure Upon selection of a window on the Design Canvas, this option forwards the user to mwestro Interior Design page view.

MAGNUM Multiviewer – Multiviewer Control Software Module

Global presets are saved to the Global Presets form located in the display manger view. Media Press Center Feature articles and recent news. Use Properties window to configure the size, colour, and turn scales on and off. Protocol ids are used by these systems to reference a specific destination on the router and send the source label based on cross-point configurations of the router.


Product Manual The VIP-X simultaneously addresses two common challenges by combining a functional and highly reliable control room routing platform with a modular multi-image display system in one integrated package. After saving a custom video ebertz layout as a template, the templates will be stored under the Templates tab and can be recalled in future window designs.


If a preset that is used by the global preset is modified or deleted it will affect the global preset. Place a check next to audio fault to be used to trigger fault message. The analog clock shares similar properties as the digital clock.

Save the current design under a new name or directory. Copies of this manual can be ordered from your Evertz dealer or from Evertz Microsystems. Information contained in this manual is periodically updated and changes will be incorporated into subsequent editions.

Set timer start time. Objects Form Clock Templates Add a clock by selecting the Clocks tab from the Objects form and dragging one of the clocks on to the design canvas. Use the Properties window to configure the size, colour, turn scales on and off and set orientation of level bar.

If an action has been undone, it can be re-inserted. Option to load a recently used preset.

MAGNUM Multiviewer

This is typically the case in systems where there are only 1 or 2 display cards 1 to 8 displays. This item must be enabled for the ability to increase or decrease the scaling maeatro a selected input window in the Canvas page view.


Forces system settings to be stored to database plus forces hardware to save current settings to non-volatile memory. Display Manager Layout View Clock Object Properties From maesfro Clocks tab in the Objects window, select the clock, drag and drop it onto the Canvas page. Used in video re-direct feature to send input video to target display MVP only. Choose timer clock reference. The scaling engine does not use image enhancement tricks to try and artificially enhance the input quality; it applies a single pass high quality-scaling algorithm which provides the highest quality reproduction of the source content.

Offering both a complete facility routing platform and industry leading multi-image display technology in a single modular package, no control room or maesrro is too large or too small. With inputs in the thousands, and display outputs in the hundreds, it is guaranteed to meet the evergz facility requirements without compromise or blocking restrictions.

Change background colour of monitor object. Each input in the system can be displayed any number of times at any size, evetrz out compromise. Option to change the background of the display.

Tally Object Property Sheet Alignment: Switch from current display to an alternate display.