The Extron DVS is a high performance video scaler that includes three HDMI inputs, two universal analog video inputs, and simultaneous HDMI and analog. Find great deals for Extron DVS a Digital Video Scaler W/ Audio Switching Dvsa Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Extron DVS Digital Video Scaler – Power Tested. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Update Firmware Update progress of the firmware upload to the device. Audio switching transitions — A transition technique applied during switches that lowers the audio of the switched-out source while simultaneously bringing up the audio of the activated source.

A Connect new device configuration tab opens. The DVS automatically delays audio signals to compensate for internal video processing. Show Expanded Device Tabs Figure The advanced video processing in the DVS enables high quality, professional presentations with true seamless switching between Inputs 1 to 4 with selectable cut or dissolve transitions.

I think the scalers have pretty much dropped off the face of the earth except for the secondary used market. I guarantee you’ll end up buying a Kramer or Extron at some point in the future, so why bother dropping 50 bucks here, a hundred bucks there, a few times, when you can just buy the highest quality solution now and be done with it?

It also contains the main and PIP inputs that were active when the preset was saved. I find it interesting that they are selling for a cheaper price then the VSC s although they are a better unit. Also analog audio output format can be set and adjusted. But the new picture technology will be good enough for video DJing or slide show. Create Professional Quality Presentations with Seamless Switching and Picture-in-Picture The advanced video processing in the DVS enables high quality, professional presentations with true seamless switching between Inputs 1 to 4 with selectable cut or dissolve transitions.


But obviously you’re in this for the long haul, Chad.

Extron DVS D – *2 HDCP-Compliant Scaler with Seamless Switching and 3G-SDI Output

Keep trying, you’ll land one. Select product group, then category, search by brand exxtron enter keywords exteon find your products. I tested the LCDs only the other day, with one of these www.

This advanced video processor also features high performance deinterlacing of i and standard definition video to deliver optimal image quality through advanced motion compensation. Seriously took no more than 30 minutes. Page 77 The saved configuration can be restored to a single device or to multiple devices, if the models are the same as that used for the backup. RJ Connector Figure 6. They were totally green to what we actually do, and rather intrigued and excited 065 how we have been using their product The button reverts to the default color, indicating the signal has been unmuted.

Occasionally additional audio delay is required to account for other signal dvss, scalers, or display devices in a system. Save and either get the Kramer or look on eBay for an extron. But of course they’re tons more.

They can also be set to autodetect the incoming input signal type. Potential risk of severe injury or death. This page allows the user to adjust device settings for RS see figure 89, and Ethernet connections. DJ JT Stevens 4: From the menu, select.

It worked great at home, but had all sorts of trouble at the club. The main and PIP windows can be dynamically sized, positioned, and magnified. To adjust the size and position numerically: The front panel controls. Device Setting Extroj Im supposed to talk to some people next week.


Click the button to leave the software open.

This StarTech simply connected and the picture was perfect. I’m always looking for a better option than the Extron. An asterisk beside a chosen value for a signal sampling setting indicates that it is a default value for the applied video signal.

Extron DVS 605 A

Four rubber feet are included with the unit. This independent control is available for both the Main and PIP windows, allowing the user comprehensive flexibility in output configurations.

JC, I see one on there. Ack when I get home, so they’re easier to carry around.

Scalers & Such. Extron drops an absolute BOMB! The DVS |

Extron Electronics makes no further warranties either expressed or implied with respect to the product and its quality, performance, merchantability, or fitness for any particular use.

This setting has the correct letter box or pillar box settings visible under the Image Size and Image Position Picture Controls.

This section describes how to connect cables to a DVS scaler. Install the feet only if the unit is to be mounted on a tabletop see Tabletop Placement below.

Pricemania is not a seller of any of the products on this site. Gain and attenuation can be adjusted for each input, and the DVS provides master volume control. Super light and easy to stack on top of each other and 4 screws to put the pedestal back on. I guess you could always downgrade via VGA into an analog converter.

To restore a configuration to a single device: This feature is especially useful when identifying incoming signals from a matrix switcher.