Subtitle B – Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued) Chapter V – NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION. (a) This standard applies to passenger cars, multipurpose passenger Table 2 of FMVSS or, at the option of the manufacturer if permitted by FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) – Occupant Crash Protection establishes performance requirements to determine whether passenger.

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For purposes of S27 and S28, the following definitions apply:. If the seat is a power seat, move the seat rearward while assuring that there is a maximum of 5 mm 0. Each vehicle that is certified as complying with S14 shall, at each front outboard designated seating positionmeet the injury criteria specified in S6.

The label need not be permanently affixed to the vehicle. In addition, the remaining two seat belt parts must be accessible under normal fmfss.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208

The DASS shall suppress the passenger air bag before head, neck, or torso of the specified test device enters the ASZ when the vehicle is tested under the procedures specified in S The pretest door sill angle, when the vehicle is on the sled, measured at the same location as the as delivered and fully loaded condition shall be equal to or between rdgulation as delivered and fully loaded door sill angle measurements.

Postal Service, and vehicles manufactured for operation by persons with disabilities, with a GVWR of 8, pounds or less and an unloaded vehicle weight of 5, pounds or less that is manufactured on or after September 1, and before September 1,shall comply with the requirements of S4. Position the torso of the dummy against the seat back.

A passenger car is loaded to its unloaded vehicle weight plus its rated cargo and luggage capacity weight, secured in the luggage area, plus the weight of the necessary anthropomorphic test devices. C The additional information conveyed by the requested label must address a situation in which foreseeable occupant behavior can affect air bag performance.


An occupant protection system that deploys in the event of a crash shall have a monitoring system with a readiness indicator.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard – Wikipedia

NHTSA also seeks comments on the research that would be needed to determine how to amend the FMVSS in order to remove such barriers, while retaining those existing safety requirements that will be needed and appropriate for those vehicles. If the seat cushion reference line angle automatically changes as the seat is moved from the full forward position, maintain as closely as possible the seat cushion reference line angle in S Position the dummy such that the dummy’s head and torso are in contact with the seat back.

The weight of the shirt or pants shall not exceed 0. Cosco High Back Booster September 25, The reach envelopes specified in S7. Each vehicle manufactured on or after September 1,and before September 1,shall meet the requirements specified in S All of the test conditions specified in S Graco Infant December 1, Fourth, with respect to the granting of exemptions to enable companies to participate in such a program, the Agency seeks comments on the nature of the safety and any other analyses that it should perform in assessing the merits of individual exemption petitions and on the types of terms and conditions it should consider attaching to exemptions to protect public safety and facilitate the Agency’s monitoring and learning from the testing and deployment, while preserving the freedom to innovate.

Apply the pre-load in a horizontal direction toward the front of the vehicle with a force application angle of not less than 5 degrees nor more than 15 degrees above the horizontal. The belt assembly shall be either a Type 2 seat belt assembly with a nondetachable shoulder belt that conforms to Standard No. The load placed in the cargo area shall be center over the longitudinal centerline of the vehicle. The focus of this notification is rules that specifically relate to passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles, and motor vehicle equipment.

  B089AW01 EBOOK

Type 2 seat belt assemblies installed pursuant to this provision shall comply with Standard No. If webbing sensitive emergency locking retroactive are installed as part of the regulatipn belt assembly or lap belt portion of the seat belt assemblyapply the load at a rate less than the threshold value for lock-up specified by the manufacturer.

Keeping the leg and the thigh in a vertical plane, place the foot in the vertical longitudinal plane that passes fmmvss the centerline of the accelerator pedal. Evenflo Horizon V If a manufacturer decides to certify a vehicle using a test dummy for a test of the system, it shall use test dummies for the entire series of tests, e.

Do not attach the vehicle safety belt. If it has been used, there shall not be any visible damage prior to the test. Thompson has not identified a safety need to justify making changes he requested, and Mr. regulatio

49 CFR 571.208 – Standard No. 208; Occupant crash protection.

Hip circumference sitting Title 49 published on Nov If there is no mid-position, move the steering reuglation rearward one position from the mid-position. Set the seat back angle, if adjustable independent of the seat, at the manufacturer’s nominal design seat back angle for a 50th percentile adult male as specified in S8.

Pull the upper torso fmvsss out of the retractor and allow it to retract; repeat this operation four times.

If a seat belt assembly installed in compliance with this requirement includes an automatic regulatino retractor for the lap belt portion, that seat belt assembly shall comply with paragraphs a through c of S4.