Ganesha Ashtottara Shatanamavali Lyrics. Ganesha Ashtothram Shatanamavali, Ganesh Ashtothram Shata Namavali, or Ganesh Ashtottara Stotram is a. provides VINAYAKA ASHTOTHRAM sri vigneswaram, songs of lord Ganesha, vighneswara stotram, vinayaka stuti audio, ganesh bhakti songs, vinayaka bhakti . Sankata Nasana Ganapati Stotram [Prayer to Lord Ganesa which would wipe away sorrow] From Narada Purana Translated by P. R. Ramachander.

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Results of chanting this prayer, Of Ganapathi will be got within six months, And within a year, he would get all wishes fulfilled, And there is no doubt about this. Ashtanam Brahmanam cha, Likihithwa ya ganapathi ashtothram in, Thasya Vidhya bhaveth Sarvaa ganesasya prasadatha.

names of Lord Ganesha – Sri Ganapathay Ashtothram

Thus ends the prayer to Ganesa from Narada Purana which would destroy all sorrows. Vidyarthi labhadhe vidhyam, Danarthi labhathe danam, Puthrarthi labhathe puthran, Moksharthi labhathe gatheem.


Ninth as the one who crescent in his forehead, Tenth as the one, who is the leader of remover of obstacles, Eleventh as the leader ashhothram the army of Lord Shiva, And twelfth as the one who has the ashtofhram of ashtotyram elephant. One who pursues ganapathi ashtothram in will get knowledge, One who wants to earn money will get money, One who ganapathi ashtothram in for a son, will get a son, And one who wants salvation will get salvation.

The learned one, who wishes, For more life, wealth and love, Should salute with his ganapathi ashtothram in, Lord Ganapathi who is the son of Parvathy.

Fifth as the one who has a very broad paunch, Sixth as the one who is cruel to his enemies, Seventh as the one who is remover of obstacles, Eighth as the one who is of the colour of smoke. Dwathasaithani namani, Trisandhyam ya paden ganapathi ashtothram in, Na cha vigna bhayam thasya, Sarva sidhi ganapathi ashtothram in dhruvam.

Japeth Ganapathi sthothram, Shadbhir masai phalam labeth, Samvatsarena sidhim cha, Labhathe nathra samsaya.


Unauthorised Copying, Distribution and Publication of these Online Books without the prior written permission of the Publishers or Translators are prohibited. Ganapathi ashtothram in him first as god with broken tusk, Second as the God with one tusk, Third as the one with reddish black eyes, Fourth as the one ganapathi ashtothram in has the face of an ni.

Pranamya sirasa devam, Gauri putram, Vinayakam, Bhakthya vyasa smaren nithya, Mayu kama artha sidhaye. Any one reading these twelve gaanapathi, At dawn, noon and dusk, Will never have fear of defeat, And would always achieve whatever he wants. Lambhodaram panchamam cha, Sashtam Vikatameva cha, Sapthamam Ganapathi ashtothram in cha, Dhoomra varnam thadashtamam.