Edward Humes wants us to think about garbage—specifically the world–record– breaking tons that the average American will produce in his or her lifetime. 19 Apr In Garbology, Edward Humes investigates trash—what’s in it; how much we pay for it; how we manage to create so much of it; and how some. 17 Apr In “Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash,” Edward Humes reminds us of something we try to forget: We are a wasteful society with a trash.

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If we get food to go, we politely hand back the straws don’t use themplastic utensils don’t need them and excess condiment packets don’t want them.

While some of this material does decompose and produce usable gas, much of it takes far longer to decompose than was previously thought. To build a proper trash mountain, one that is a edwarr of engineering rather than a random aggregation of garbage, each cell must be level at the top so it can be covered and sealed with up to a foot of soil, the last task of any eward at the landfill. He opens the book with a profile of a Chicago couple nearly buried in their own trash.

What do you think of reality shows like Hoarders that showcase our garbage? We are experiencing technical difficulties.

An even better way to reduce garbage is to change our lifestyles to use less. Keep resources out of the waste stream, save money.

‘Garbology’ Book By Edward Humes Examines Trash In America | HuffPost

We like to feel good about recycling our cardboard boxes or spending a weekend morning picking up litter, garbologj we need to shift our values to USE LESS in the first place. Dec edard, Jared rated it it was ok Shelves: Also, Why aren’t we making companies responsible for packaging pick up instead of tax payer dollars?


Stay in Touch Sign up. With its roaring, clanking assistance, Big Mike has helped build something unprecedented: The disposable economy wants you to think about the price at the cash register, not what it costs to own in the long run. Other countries with garbologu economies send almost nothing to landfills. In addition to a history of the “garbage problem” and ways it has been addressed or not throughout history, the author describes in some detail where our “garbage” goes now.

Ironically, I stopped at a local “green” grocery store and could find very little to buy. The Biggest Thing We Make edaard how America deals with trash, how it has been dealt with in the past, and some “paths not taken” in the history of American waste management.

He seems designed by central casting exactly for the purpose of wielding his main artistic tool—the towering, thundering ton BOMAG Compactor. My new goals to reduce my carbon footprint? On Garbology from my Blog. One Book, One Peninsula: Recycling isn’t very efficient, but it’s still better to recycle than to throw away recyclables. Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash 4. Apr 19, Pages. Basically early humans, who gave up their nomadic ways to live in villages, cities, and empires lived in very close proximity to all their trash.


The first thing is how bad we are about being aware of and keeping track of our waste. In the meantime, plastic bags “fly” away and end up in streams, rivers and eventually the ocean where they, and multiple other objects are “collected” in gyres formed by currents and winds, causing untold deaths of sea birds and sea creatures.

Garbology by Edward Humes – Reading Guide –

Why do you think her blog zertowastehome. A very readable study of our garbage addiction: By all means have your laptop or PDA nearby as you read since you will find excellent videos online that show you edwarf what Edward Humes is describing. Stop Buying Bottled Water. Humes edard takes the role of advocate, calling on readers to question the status quo and make changes through even minimal actions like banning the plastic bag and avoiding bottled water.

Navy — and it costs us hundreds of billions of dollars. Oct 29, Chad rated it it was amazing.

Garbology Reader’s Guide

Our disposable plastic alone outweighs the entire U. Humes lives with his family in California. It IS cheaper — for them!

The streets of the Roman Empire were built upon successive layers of discarded rubbish, and the rotting trash of medieval Paris rendered its citizens vulnerable to both attacking foes and the bubonic plague.