BESIEGED MALTA VOLUME II Edited by Maroma Camilleri m Heritage Malta A Malta Libraries and Heritage Malta Publication This book is the. View Academics in Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali on Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali [Mustafa Isen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The impression of him being kept alive was, it seems reasonable to surmise, simply the rather usual practice to maintain Ottoman troop morale, as, even though the Pasha was dead, he necessarily remained alive for his troops until after the fall of St Elmo, when he 15 Balbipp. Joseph Mizzi Front cover: Penguin,pp. Tucker, A Global Chronology rif Conjlict: There was no muatafa qf saving his life, the renegade maintained, and if he lied, the Grand Master might have him hanged.

In this respect it is noteworthy gelibokulu Balbi relates that on 18 June, the Grand Master was informed through the arrival in Birgu of a Lombard renegade that “he had seen Dragut laid low, his brains spattered.

It is to the credit of the contacts and connections made by the historian Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali, seeker after “the truth of events”, and to his discretion and courage that we have today in his Kunhii’l-Ahbar a faithful account, providing from an Ottoman source the most probable cause of Turgut Pasha’s death and contradicting the official campaign register which stated that he had died after the fall of St Elmo.

Kiinhii’l-Ahbar- The Truth of Events fourth chapter ff.

Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali – Brill Reference

He continued his education in Istanbul where he studied holy law, lettering and grammar. Subsequently the fleet of vessels consisting ofKadzrga, Kalite, Mavna and Bastarda, were dispatched for the conquest of Malta.

Their aim was still too high, so he again ordered them to lower it. He became a major literary figure in the second half of the sixteenth century, and had a prolific output.

The conclusion to be drawn is that Tugut Pasha was actually martyred on 18 June 19′” Zilkade He became ill in Jeddah and died there at the age of Bureaucrat and Intellectual in the Ottoman Empire: At this time vessels from Malta were endangering Ottoman vessels travelling to and from Egypt.


In July, he travelled to Cairo before taking up what would be his last appointment as Governor of Jeddah. Terrance M P Duggan.

Tl 1 people standing around lowr I rht’ Vi. A repaired cannon exploding in the battery behind him seems to be much more plausible as the cause of his mortal head injury.

His father, Ahmad, son of Mawla, was a learned man and a prosperous local merchant.

Malta Libraries and Heritage Malta, There seems therefore little room for giving any credence to the widespread report that Turgut Pasha died on receipt of the news of the fall of St Elmo on 23 June, gelibolilu which Balbi also relates – “This dog had not died until half an hour qfier St Elmo was captured.

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That he geliboluu conscious and heard iJJc news of its conquest, and only then expired, defies medical science, given the physical injuries he sustained. Secondly, this brief biographical notice also lends no support to the idea that with his massive head wound Turgut Pasha lingered on from 18 June for a further 5 days before expiring on 23 June. With such a quantity of resources many cities and castles should have been taken, but this was not the case of Malta.

Hillg the morta l inju ry of’ l.

Menakib-i Hünerveran : Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali :

While working at the Prince’s Court, he accepted an offer to serve as the confidential secretary to Lala Mustafa Pashaa former mentor to the Prince. He used the opportunity to enter literary society and mingle with prominent literary figures of the day. But this seems most unlikely to have mustava the case, as both Turgut Pasha and Soli Aga were expert artillerymen. Rather, it seems most probable that Turgut Pasha died on 18 June. Firstly, Turgut Pasha is here reported to have died, together with the artillery commander Soli Aga, not from a stone velibolulu cast up from a misfired Ottoman cannon ball, as was stated for example by Balbi da Correggio, 12 nor yet by a stone fragment thrown out from the impact of an Ottoman cannon ball on the al wall of St Elmo as related by Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali in his account of the siege translated, nor by an enemy cannon ball as is also related above by Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali, 13 but rather that both Turgut Pasha and Soli Aga were killed as a result of the firing of a repaired Ottoman cannon which, when fired, presumably due to II A statement muwtafa by the record ofstone and iron cannon balls fired by the Ottoman artillery and the state of these fortifications at the end of the siege, as Balbi writes that by 27 July, ” It should be noted that there are numerous Ottoman variant copies of the Kunhu’l-Ahbar, that copy which has been employed 1 Osrnanlfja was the Ottoman language written and spoken by officialdom and the elite.


The common people of the Ottoman populations spoke, but did not write, Osrnanlija, as also a whole range of other languages and dialects, depending on place of birth, from variants of Turkish and Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Kurdish and Tatar, to Cherkez, Arabic and Persian etc. Crowley, Empires qf the Sea: The brief biographical note on Turgut Pasha. The death of Turgut Pasha, the sour relationship between Piyale Pasha and Mustafa Pasha, the fact that most of the gunpowder and cannon balls had been expended in the siege of Masin Yermo St Elmothe lazy and motivation-less troops, the augury of evil and omen of misfortune given at the start of the expedition by the Vizierazam Grand Vizierand the forthcoming hard winter, these would make the lifting of the siege and a delay in the taking of the Island of Malta inevitable.

Mustafa Âlî

Picador,p. Many of his best works were written during this period. The cause of Dragut’s death was likewise recorded by S. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.