The Godement resolution of a sheaf is a construction in homological algebra which allows one to view global, cohomological information about the sheaf in. Algebra I: Chapters ( – French ed) has many The extraordinary book “Cours d’Algèbre”, de Godement was written in French. In fact, written in the light of “Homological algebra” (Cartan and Eilenberg) Zeta functions of simple algebras (), by Roger Godement and Hervé Jacquet.

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The book under review has certainly escaped this fate.

Roger Godement

This seems to be outside of anything mathematical; especially when referring to politics or the authors way of thinking. I’m not sure if godemetn question should be in math stack exchange. The translation says “Although designed to meet the needs of French undergraduates [i. Simply browsing through the books will introduce the students to new perspectives, give them an unusual tour of the subject with an old master as guide, and point them toward the pleasures of more advanced mathematics.

Or perhaps this is a mistake on the part of the author. In contrast to the always appreciated scientific quotations, some of those occurring in this postface and throughout the book may be less appreciated. Email Required, but never shown.

He later worked with Jacquet on the zeta function of a simple algebra. Algebraic topology and related subjects have been expanding so rapidly during the last fifteen years that any book on an advanced level has been likely to be obsolete before it was printed.


This book is written with a particular and engaging style, as described in the reviews of the previous wlgebra see, e. Does this have anything to do with politics?

Most of us would not be very creative in answering this question. Bochner—Godement theorem Godement resolution Godement compactness algbera Monads in category theory [1].

Sign up using Email and Password. Here, it would seem, is everything: The Introduction contains also comments which are very unusual in a book on mathematical analysis, going from pedagogy to critics of the French scientific-military-industrial alegbra, but the sequence of ideas is introduced in such a way that the reader wlgebra less surprised than he should. This is the first of the two volumes for a review of the second volume see the following review of a course of mathematical analysis taught by Roger Godement during thirty-five years at the University of Paris.

The Artin zeta-functions or L-series are easy to define; those of Hecke are not.

reference request – No Galois Theory in Godement’s Cours d’Algebre? – Mathematics Stack Exchange

Goeement aim of the authors is to define the Hecke zeta-functions for all simple algebras over algebraic number fields and to prove a functional equation for them. Then I checked the index and it couldnt be found there either.

The theory of sheaves faisceaux is one of the outstanding allgebra in mathematics during the last twenty years. It introduced the technical method of flasque resolutionsnowadays called Godement resolutions. The first chapter of this volume concerns integration, spectral theory, and harmonic analysis; the second concerns modular forms and related topics.


The writing is very personal and discursive: The breadth of ideas, clarity and vodement of the presentation make it an excellent book.

A later part of this review is given under Gerald Folland’s review of Vol. Although the content is ‘elementary’, there are several reasons why I do not think this is an introductory book.

The author’s style is very discursive, and there are many pithy remarks, not all directly to do with mathematics. Is not uncommon for translation of a book, it has some variations or adaptations; I gdoement not know the translation matter of this post but the original work in French has been always for me as a work of art.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Although Godement like Dieudonne was a member of the author-collective Bourbaki, he here deliberately eschews the rigid, formal presentation associated with Bourbaki in favour of a leisurely, discursive style.

Godement’s reviews

The isolation of the concept of square-integrable representation is attributed to him. This excellent book is presented by the author as the first goodement of a two-volume work, which will make for its size an effective treatise on algebraic topology considered from a different perspective from the “geometric” point of view of Eilenberg-Steenrod.

Chapters – French ed.