my google books my world viktor grebennikov. Mon, 29 Oct GMT my google books my world pdf – Search the world’s most comprehensive index. Viktor nikov’s insect antigravity. Grebennikov’s Cavity Structural Effect . (‘Flight’ from the book ‘MY WORLD’ by Viktor S. Grebennikov). Finally, in , Grebennikov built his gravity-plane and started flying by a noiseless aircraft, which A book called “My world” written by him in remained.

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The shape of premises is also significant round, angular, cupolaed. But think hard before you give a serious, responsible answer.

I had nothing to do with the sightings in Nalchik or Belgium. On the one hand, the metal does not prevent nets from operating because the effect of cavitary structures cannot be screened and, on the other hand, protects them from mechanical influences such as influence of grass during landing.

Now, let us fantasize a little: As we see, the Earth has a huge size and, accordingly, considerably ties up a stream flowing through it.

Hold tablets of activated charcoal in your fingers as demonstrated in the picture and move your hands slightly up and down, or alternately part and join them for a few minutes. The gfebennikov reason for my “non-disclosure” is more objective. We observe it when we uselessly try to stop the effect up by any screen.

Full text of ” Grebennikov ” See other formats An anti-gravity platform of V.

The staff works even without the wire albeit not as intensely. The board was stolen, the post was roughly pulled out, all plaster wing nuts were broken – apparently, they tried to untwist them! Following mere curiosity, I crushed one of the wing case between my fingers.


Now imagine two spheres. Oh, how good it is to be out here, in the open country! Another such stem fragment of the same length was placed on the blade in the same wolrd but at some. I physically feel its thick, dense current carrying the strong smell of blooming buckwheat. I have brebennikov the latter conclusion by my mj experiments on couching wheat seeds in a strong CSE field, as compared to the seeds germinating in the same climatic conditions but in the absence of the CSE field.

I looked at it through a binocular microscope at home and I have found nothing special about it. I was already near a bunch of tall factory smoke stacks, many of which belched thick smoke into the cold night sky.

Meanwhile, any proposals on using biological weapons against the pest, such as our very ichneumon and other insect predators are completely rejected by the bosses of Russian agriculture and agricultural grebennilov. Perhaps, the dried beetle has no sufficient static charge on its chitin and this prevents display of antigravity effect.

Make all assembly units as strong as possible and grebbennikov testing of the device in the vicinity of any power lines, towns let alone citiestransport, or people.

Viktor Grebennikov

Fundamentally, these details do not influence flight because motion is inertialess and, during change of reapportion of an aether wind flow, woeld motion vector changes at the same time. Flower CSE An “unnatural” position of such a seemingly common and pleasant object as a living flower can also change its properties. To view the original site with all the drawings and photos, please visit Mr. Now I have entered the shadow of one such cloud and I accelerate.


Each of the platform halves was made by Grebennikov of ONE wooden piece while industrially produced platforms are made of plywood with attached boards. Besides, I can see that similar inventions have been made by other people who are also in no rush to take their discoveries to bureaucrats’ offices, who prefer to fly dorld night skies in the guise of strange disks, triangles, or squares which suprise eyewitnesses with their iridescent flickering But no supercivilization on any planet of any supergalaxy is going to re-create this very glade with its complex, fragile, trembling life, with its lady’s bedstraws, meadow sweets and feather grass.

Anti-Gravity From A Bug’s Wing – More Than Just Possible.

But, even if you cover it with dark paper, cardboard, or a tin m, it will still do the same. I touched the lumps by the hand – they were cold. In the old days, headaches and concussion symptoms were treated with an ordinary flour sieve held above the head of the patient, net up, in several areas of the globe.

Grebennikoc turned out that the cause of all those unusual sensations was not a biological field, but the size, shape, quantity and arrangement of cavities formed by and in any solid object. The eye of the lake is already much closer. I have eleven such preserves at the moment, eight in Omsk region, one in Voronezh region and one near Novosibirsk.