Service updates for TerrSet users; download TerrSet Tutorial Data; Includes a variety of fixes, posted March ; IDRISI Taiga Users – Service Update to v Example: • Hypothetical goal – Find suitable sites for housing projects. • Factors – distance to city center; distance to road; and slope (no. The IDRISI software (launched from Start / All Programs / IDRISI Selva; click on IDRISI Selva). The IDRISI tutorial and the associated data sets. The tutorial (PDF) .

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You should now see a Landsat95 folder within C: You may not need to save your work if you answer the questions as you go. The roads should appear overlaid on the Landsat image. Note that the San Francisco data Just for Fun Supervised Image Classification and Lab 6: Add text labels for Hope, Harrison and Chilliwack you can add more if you wish: The naming convention for composite images is variable.

Is the spatial resolution of this image different from that of the other bands?

GEOB 373: Introductory Remote Sensing

You will then import some Landsat data of the Fraser Valley and answer some questions pertaining to that dataset. Ensure that the output file names are spelled the same, but end with the appropriate band. It sometimes takes a few minutes for Explorer window to refresh and for the new files appear in the listing. What is the name of the lake use Google Maps?


Do not save the zip file to H: Right click on the existing projects folder and select Change projects folder. This exercise tutorual optional, but it does demonstrate some of the ‘neat’ capabilities of Idrisi. What wavelengths do each band capture, and what feature characteristics does each band, in particular, highlight? Loading the data Using Windows Explorer, go to: Print the map composition you created in this exercise.

From within the Raster Group, display Landsat 6 and Landsat A vector file of some roads in this area is also provided. Read the first few pages about projects and working folders. What wavelengths do bands 5 and 7 capture, tutorizl what feature characteristics do they, in particular, highlight?

You can access the tutorial from C: In the Tools menuclick on the Digitize tool looks like a bulls eye. For this lab, and the succeeding labs, you will be using Windows Explorer to copy, paste, unzip and zip tagia data: Zoom into the western part of the image somewhere just north of Chilliwack, ensuring that Hope is tqiga visible. Layer Interaction Effects Question 7: You will be completing the following exercises for this lab: Hand in the results of your Transparency exercise.

Use the shape of the lake to help identify the specific lake [it is actually a reservoir–could you deduce this from the satellite image? How far west from Madrid is the lake in the top of the image?


GEOB Lab 3: Introduction to IDRISI

If you click on the Files tab you should see a taigs of the files stored in the Using Idrisi directory. Double-click on the zip file Landsat You have now set both the projects folder and the working directory. Define, with examples, qualitative and quantitative data.

Note that the project and working directories you will be using are different from those specified in the tutorial on page 6, Exercise d and e: This dataset is from Spain.

Browse for the Roads file it should be the only choice. What is ordinal, or ranked, data? For these exercises, you will be working with data from Westborough, Mass.

Week of February 11 th you have two weeks for this lab. To do this, use the Print option on the composer menu and ensure that you send your image to the appropriate colour printer. This will save your composition for further editing.

There is no save icon do not worry about this. Click in the image window where you want the beginning of the text to go. Another window will appear, in which you enter the name tutroial the city Caption.