The story from II Pecorone centres on the adventures of a young man called Giannetto,l who corresponds to Shakespeare’s. Bassanio. He is the godson of a. Appendix 4: Il Pecorone. IL PECORONE is a collection of tales by Ser Giovanni. It was written in Italian at the end of the. 14th Century and printed in Milan in. The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni, now first tr. into English by W. G. Waters; choicely illus. by E. R. Hughes. Main Author: Giovanni, Fiorentino, 14th cent. Related.

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Now I am going to sing you a canzonet which a youth once upon a time made in honour of his mistress, whom he loved better than his own life, when he chanced to see her clad in a tunic, with a bow in her hand.

Concerning certain kings of Italy, and what deeds they wrought. One of these, a huge she- bear, dies, and some ruffians scheme how they may rob Democrate.

This lady lived in Naples, and was called by name Madonna Corsina. All the evening we had you in mind, and lamented that you could not come with us to this feast, which certes you would have enjoyed amain. In the reissue of this edition in the three extra novels were first added to the “Pecorone. The era in question was a momentous one in the history of Florence.

This is the first part of the science that I would have you learn. A continuation of the argument of the foregoing novel.

Thus we fell into such grief that, for the whole of our voyage, we knew not what merriment was, deeming you to be dead. This arises, however, not from any fault of the food I have just swallowed, but from my own ill-regulated stomach.

The fates are benignant iil the lovers from the beginning, and not once in the course of the five-and-twenty days of consecutive story-telling was their tete-a-tete in the convent parlour interrupted.

Il Pecorone and Merchant of Venice by Trent Dahlin on Prezi

What is this you are saying? One favour I beg of you, which is, that if perchance you should again miscarry, you will return hither, so that I may see you again before I die; then I shall be content to depart; ‘ and Giannetto answered that he would do all things which him seemed were agreeable to Pdcorone Ansaldo’s wishes. How the parties of the Guelfs and Ghibellines arose, and how the accursed seed of strife was first sown and began to spring in Italy.

Edward de Vere 5.

Full text of “The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni”

Burchiello was a popular writer of satires and burlesques in the ik of Florence in the first half of the fifteenth century. Some nineteen of the fifty tales are of the type of the con- ventional Novella, and of these there are not more than half-a-dozen which may not be found in some different guise in one or other of the storehouses from which the Novellieri drew their materials.


And all these directions were carried out to the full. The question of notes has been a difficult one throughout.

Every day each of the lovers tells a tale, and either one or the other sings a canzonet. His own collections are ill-digested, ill-set, and incon- gruous, and in this respect do not differ widely from the “Pecorone.

To The Reader 1. After these three friends in their three ships had sailed on several days it chanced that early one morning Giannetto caught sight of a certain gulf in which was a very fair port, whereupon he asked the captain what might be the name of the place.

But it must not be assumed that Italian fiction had from the beginning suffered from the absence of the Romantic spirit. When he went forth from the chamber he told the story to all the barons and to his friends about the court, and from this adventure the love between this pair pecoronf greater than ever.

Crassus causes the same to be mined and underpinned ; and the soothsayers kindle a fire there. And when evening pecoorone come, and it was time to retire, the lady took Giannetto by the hand and said, ‘Let us go to bed. Her tresses mocked the lion’s tawny sheen, Her eyes like eyes of falcon peregrine, Stately as Juno’s bird her walk and mien, And lovelier than an angel in my sight.

In Siena there lived a youth named Galgano, wealthy, nobly born, sprightly, and well skilled in all fitting exercises, valiant, brave, high- minded and ever courteously disposed towards people of all sorts. He was mightily astonished at this ; and when he stretched out his hand and touched a bosom, he knew that it was a woman in bed with him, and made sure that it was the daughter of the hostess, saying to himself, c This girl deems she has gone to bed with the friar, but she has come to me instead, and certes I will not fail to give her that which she has come a-seeking.

After our plans were set in order, my sisters-in-law and some other ladies and I myself went one day to the baths of Asinella, and when all my companions had gone into the water, I made pretence of going out for a little, and, this done, I withdrew quickly and went into a wood, where the friar was awaiting me.

Her husband every evening when he came home would ask his wife how she fared, and, after tarrying with her for a short time, would retire to his own room.

Every word might have been written in The lady asked what ailed him, and he replied that nothing was amiss; but she began to question him, saying, ‘Certes, you are troubled with something you are loth to tell me,’ and she spake so much on the matter that at last Messer Giannetto told her how Messer Ansaldo was held in pledge for ten thousand ducats, and that the time for repayment expired this very day.


Then Messer Ansaldo let prepare a very fine ship, which he loaded with much merchandise, and supplied with banners and arms and all that was necessary.

The young man made the best use of his time at Bologna, and in a very short time became a capable scholar, so much so that he won the goodwill of all the students of the place on account of the excellent qualities he possessed and of the seemly and magnanimous life he lived.

But Giannetto could not banish the thought of how he might return to that lady, pondering with himself and saying, ‘Certes, I must make her my wife or die,’ and he could not shake off his sadness.

Having settled to do this thing, he put in order all his affairs, and became a friar, and went to Forli. Now, as it has already been noted, this young woman was the master’s wife, but of this Bucciolo had no knowledge.

He praised you to me so highly that I, hearing you lauded thus, and knowing what kind feeling you had towards me, determined to send for you, and to be no longer cruel pecoronne you. The Pevorone – The Merchant 3. After divers events, Frederic endeavours to make peace with the Church, and, as an atonement, goes over seas for the rescue of the Holy Land Novel II. She showed him the ring, and told him everything: She, when she observed his doings, was well advised that this scholar was beginning to be enamoured of her.

Chello and Janni of Velletri feign to be soothsayers, in order to cast shame upon the Roman people. I stripped off my woman’s garb, and donned a habit such as friars wear. The truth is, that the young Buondelmonte who lives opposite has begged me, over and over again, to carry a message to you, but I have never found the courage to do this thing.

Catalog Record: The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Then, when the lady’s husband had gone out to supper, she went to Buondelmonte’s house, as it had been agreed, and he gave her very gracious welcome in a room on the ground floor. Nor was any feast ever given to which he was not pdcorone. They next declare that under the tower of the palace of the tribunes is hidden a vast treasure. Thus he lived his life in pecirone and gladness, and gave no thought to Messer Ansaldo, who, luckless wight as he was, remained a living pledge for the ten thousand ducats which he had borrowed from the Jew.