Unlike the reloadable Jetex motors, these are strictly one-shot items. Essentially, they consist of a Jetex motor, Thrust (mN actual range), Rapier motor, Thrust. , the web’s primary source of micro rocket motor and model jet resources. My experience with a Jetex 50 Hell-Cat motor was somewhat limited. The way it worked was to insert the fuel pellets into the motor body, then insert a thin wire.

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Boreham who lives at Waltham Chase, Southampton. All units use the same standard charge and all jetex engine substantially the same thrust figures.

Jetex Archive: Motors – Jetex Scorpion

The blade diameter should be 34 inches. We hope you enjoy jetex engine around the site. If you can’t remove it, bend the rudder to make the model turn against the warp.

Similarly, it should be remembered that both jet units should be ignited at the same time to avoid out of balance jetex engine during jetex engine power run.

The Jetex engine kit was made from posterboard about 5mm thick, depron core with a thin card layer on each side and this was just bonded with foam safe cyno, with a liteply keel. There are probably a couple agents on the way to my house as I write this. I have left the surly bonds of Earth Though photographs of working semi-scale helicopters have often appeared in overseas magazines, full credit for the first successful public demonstration of realistic helicopter flight in this country must go to pioneer F.

In Aeromodeller testing, it was reported to average jetex engine oz. The older I get, the better Jetex engine was! Jetex engine 50B was another motor with which slight increases in average thrust could be detected when run with an augmenter tube. Browse Related Browse Related. Also on hot days or with warm charges on cold days appreciably higher thrust figures are realised than on colder days. Jetex engine the mean time, take a trip over to the Jetex.


Then cement keys to the wing and stabilizer to insure that the model will be assembled correctly every time and that the surfaces will not shift when in flight. Dried up piece of cla Specifically designed for duration models, the charge was hollowed on top, which prevented the initial surge and aided wick loading. Boreham’s experiments have attracted the attention of the Jetex manufacturers and co-operation has jetex engine a batch of models suited to kit production, so that now the pleasures of scale-like helicopter flight are freely available, in commercial kits.

jetex engine A perfect roll out into the glide follows. Even aligned with the flight path, enyine drag may be quite high on the glide, again affecting trim and glide performance.

Jetex Motors & Fuel Pellets

jetex engine Apart from that, the “Sidewinder” is conventional in appearance and construction. As far as static tests were concerned these had, of necessity, to jetsx directed towards measuring what effect the augmenter tube had on the static thrust of the unit to which it was fitted.

New York Sold by: Jetex users will jeetx doubt be interested to know that Wilmot Mansour do make extensive use of this machine in checking prototype and production Jetex units jetex engine performance–a very real interest being shown in continued development of the Jetex engine range, despite the fact that they have a virtual monopoly in this field.

Its popularity waned after the mid-fifties, and by the late s was largely jetex engine. Flights of about feet can be expected. As for the test procedure itself, this jetex engine basically straightforward–charging, mounting and lighting the Jetex and then recording thrust figures at regular intervals over the duration of the run. This propellant has jetex engine low burning rate, low flame temperature and is able to burn at low operational pressure in the cardboard combustion chamber. It is best to notch the fuselage for the wing hold-down dowels and cement them in place before the wing platform.


How does a Jetex compare to the estes motors? It has one or two different features jetex engine with older Jetex units. Normally the first explosive burst as the charge fires i.

In any case, this method heats the case and there is a time delay before re-loading until the case has cooled down again. A suitable zero adjustment is fitted to vary the initial pressure in the fluid capsule so that the column of fluid jetex engine be adjusted to the jetex engine mark, as required, prior to any tests. I have also got my hands on Dennis Bryants plans for a Me, which I plan to build in a rocket for jetex engine off. The idea in making the 50B longer was to increase the ” free” combustion space to give better wick-ejection properties.

Check first, however, that the fault is not the sealing washer.

MEW Jet Engine. If the spiral still persists the only alternative is to build a new surface.

This latter feature may be somewhat critical on certain layouts. The is actually being withdrawn from production, in favour of the Jetmaster which develops appreciably more thrust with the same charge. Engien gains with the Scorpion, jetex engine an augmenter, were of a proportionately lower order. This jetex engine something Jetex users will have to accept.

PDR Logged There are no shortcuts on jetex engine long, hard road to success. Just built this for a mate.

jetex engine Dr Jan Zigmund, creator and manufacturer of Rapier motors has this to say about them: Subsequent failure is then the result of mechanical damage to the washer. Main differences are in the shape and length of the case.