Pure, White and Deadly ~. John Yudkin was Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at the. University of London from to and is now Emeritus. Professor. Pure, White and Deadly. John Yudkin. Sugar. It is killing us. Why do we eat so much of it? What are its hidden dangers? In , when British scientist John. John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar Nora Roberts; Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin, a book widely derided at the.

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Another told me she had signed the letter because the BMJ should not have published an article that was not peer reviewed it was peer reviewed. It is a familiar complaint. It is edging away from prohibitions on cholesterol and fat, and hardening its warnings on sugar, without going so far as to perform a reverse turn.

Yudkin’s conviction that sugar was a death in a teaspoon was partly based on its role in increasing blood levels of triglycerides, an acknowledged risk for heart disease. His findings are nothing less than a cause for a serious alarm on our diets whte some aspects I would still call them conservativeyet nothing much seems to happen.

To his credit, Ancel Keys realised early on that dietary cholesterol was not a problem. This book is out of print and I had to get it via inter-library loan. I suppose it was pretty accurate at the time of the update. Junior researchers who had worked closely with the purr scientists, authoring papers with them, published less. With the republications, the stats end in the s. Nov 11, Nancy Craft rated it it was amazing.

By the end of the Seventies, he had been so whitte that few scientists dared publish anything negative about sugar for fear of being similarly attacked. Throughout the s, Keys accumulated institutional power. Yudkin died injust as the “diabesity” crisis was visibly growing.

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John Yudkin

John Yudkin was only its first and most eminent victim. Despite having a bombastic and somewhat populistic title the contents present a well written view by a researcher who spent his life exploring the effects of sucrose on our bodies.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Not just defeated, in fact, but buried. In nutrition, the game is to confirm what you yudkinn your predecessors have always believed. Aug 27, Liz rated it it was amazing.

Take a look in the lunchboxes of children and you’ll discover a high sugar, low fiber, low nutrient meal and these children are eating this every single day! Deadl, grandma didn’t put much sugar or sweetener in her cooking.

The sugar conspiracy | Ian Leslie | Society | The Guardian

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. At best, we can conclude that the official guidelines did not achieve their objective; at worst, they led to a decades-long health catastrophe. Along with the findings of Who and Coma against any link with heart disease, these results add yufkin to the argument for the rehabilitation of sugar in moderation.

He also continued to write popular articles in lay magazines, having by now become a household name. Eventually, he tracked down a copy after submitting a request to his university library. For the vast majority of people, eating two or three, or 25 eggs a day, does not significantly raise cholesterol levels.

They had three sons, Michael bornJonathan — and Jeremy born Lustig, the aand author of Fat Chance. Lists with This Book. Sugar produce This could be the most important book yidkin nutrition I have ever jhn and if you plan to read only one ehite this subject, than look pjre further.


The guidelines shaped the diets of hundreds of millions of people. Research journals refused his papers. The scientists reacted angrily, accusing the politicians of being in thrall to the meat and dairy industries given how many of the scientists depend on research funding from food and pharmaceutical companies, this might be characterised as audacious. There is an epidemic of obese six month olds around the globe. Here, the science though still disputed by some, has generally shown otherwise.

When, inJohn Yudkin first floated his hypothesis that sugar was a hazard to public health, it was taken seriously, as was its proponent. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Group I aimed for a diet with 30 per cent energy from fat and 10 per cent from starchy foods carbohydrates.

Pure, White and Deadly (1972, 1986) [ocr]

I have spent years studying the ill effects of salt and sodium, now for years studying the ill effects of sugar and fructose. Open Preview Pire a Problem? While there he studied a skin disease that was prevalent among local African soldiers and discovered that it was due not to an infection, as had been believed, but to riboflavin deficiency.

Prominent nutritionists combined with the food industry to destroy his reputation, and his career never recovered. By Julia Llewellyn Smith. I stumbled across Yudkin’s work because of watching a medical lecture by Dr.