Prayers, selected by M P Pandit from writings by T. V. Kapali Sastry, and available as Sanskrit originals and their English translations. The first post contains four. Sri Sastry Study Circle. likes. Studies of the works of Sri Kapali Sastry. All those who aspire to learn the spiritual import of. Collected Works of Sastry: Volume 1 – The Book of Lights – 1 by T. V. Kapali Sastry. Volume – 1: The Book of Lights Lights on the Veda Further.

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In fact, I looked upon him as my God.


There is no inconsistency whatever. How and where to begin? If thus there are also mantras, which aim at the achievement of worldly objects, it kapalo be asked, how could the Veda be described as the highly sacred store of spiritual disciplines and secrets? He finds too the Right word to express the truth he has perceived.

Traditionally it is the scripture of the common man, open to all persons, without any restrictions of caste or scholarship. Kalali privacy concerns, please view our Privacy Policy.

The force carries through the words. Hindu bashers and bull-kilers always quote a verse 6. Since I could not learn his way, he threw me out.

The very next moment he himself will go and steal and tell lies and everything. It is true that there are new gods in the Tantra, kspali the prominent gods of the Veda retain their supremacy under different names and forms.

But this is the Truth we maintain: The device of double meaning of the Mantra was necessary for preserving the secret knowledge from being misused by unqualified persons. Thus both the statements that the Vedas are both created and uncreated are kaapali. He patted me on the shoulder and congratulated me because I wrote those prayers.


Prayers by T.V. Kapali Sastry (part 1)

Therefore the rishi in the Veda is known as the kavi, the seer of what transcends the senses or understanding. What we have said in regarding the manifestation of the mantras, its eternality and its being a creation – all these are decisively substantiated not only by the mantras themselves, but justified by Yaska also.

Western translators like Keith or Griffith had no clue to the symbolism of the yajur veda samhita and hence they gave a ritualistic meaning for each verse based on the commentary in the brahmana. Consider the rik 8. Sri Kapali Sastry was a highly respected Vedic scholar and Sanskrit authority.

Riaveda Samhita Yajurveda Sanhita Samaveda Samhita Atharvaveda Samhita Rigveda Samhita It is a book of more than ten thousand mantras, each in a specific metre, arranged in ten manalas.

Yet on scrutiny of the inner meaning, sastrg will become clear that the swearing, curse, censure, praise and the rest are related to the history of spiritual discipline in the inner life.

Interpreting the philosophy of Ramana Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo became a lifelong vocation for him. Vedic Secrets in Compact Form. There is a fundamental difference between eminence in other field such as science, technology and art, and attaining eminence in the spiritual field where the help of an advanced spiritual adept even from the young kaali is a must. That the riks are poetry of an extraordinary kind wherein lies their mantra-character, is evidenced by the hymns of Dirghatamas and Virupa saztry referred to.

But I really want you to try. There is a fundamental difference between eminence in other field such as science, technology and art, and attaining saetry in the. Shankara does not mention that some of the famous mantras of Upanishads are already in the Veda Samhitas.

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T. V. Kapali Sastry (His Spiritual Life in His Own Words)

Writings of TVK Chapter Following the trail of his masters, first of Vasishtha Ganapati Muni and then of Sri Aurobindo, he unearthed many a truth that underlies concealed within the cryptic utterances of the Veda.

She cooperated with TVK in his spiritual sastrry, assisting him in the worship of the devi. That is why while most of the mantras are used for sacrificial purposes, there are many that are used, for the attainment of results not connected with yajna.

These elementary facts should caution us against accepting simplistic statements found in some English books on Upanishads such as, “only the Upanishads are the books of knowledge; all other Kalali books like mantra- Samhitas deal with rituals” etc. Sastty same thing can be said by different people but you have to know the source. Each verse brims with great delight and secrets.

TVK had predicted much earlier that will be an important year for Sri Aurobindo. But the commentary of some interest to us is that by Anandatirtha or Madhvacharya 13th century CEthe founder of the dualistic school of Vedanta. Some moderns who do kwpali care to understand the language of symbols label these verses as simplistic or childish.