“Konventa Evropiane për të drejtat e njeriut në përqasje me Kushtetutën e Shqipërisë” me Autor Arben Puto. Shtëpia botuese Albin, viti Faqet e librit Agjensia e Bashkimit Europian per të Drejtat Themelore, Këshilli i Europës / Gjykata Europiane e të Drejtave të Njeriut, Kredit (faqja e parë): © Konventa Europiane dhe konteksti i mirëqenies dhe arsimit sr Европска конвенција о људским правима; mk Европска конвенција за човекови права; sq Konventa Europiane për të Drejtat e Njeriut.

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A procedure that relates to the matter regulated by this Law that has been commenced and not disposed in a legally valid manner upon the date of the entry into force of this Law shall be continued in accordance with the law that was in force at the time when the proceeding was commenced. Article 16 Injunctions For media which can be said to publish on a continuous basis, such as web sites on the internet, publication at one location, in one form shall be considered to be a single publication.

Findings indicate that collaboration and co-production among these groups were the strongest factors in media agenda building around an information rights—based approach.

The political origins of transparency reform: In all actions for defamation and insult, except those involving matters of public concern, the defendant shall carry the burden of proving the veracity of an impugned statement, and a finding by the court that the statement of facts is substantially true shall absolve the defendant of any liability.

Paragraph 2 of this Article should not apply in the context njeriit a defamatory or insulting action, to any court order which covers the person in question and requires it to take action to prevent further publication of a statement.

This research analyzes the process and culture of right-to-information agenda building among non-state actors — journalists, social activists, and civil society organizations in India. Article 7 Reasonable publication No one shall be liable for defamation and insult for rrejtat statement on a matter of public concern if they establish that it was reasonable in all the circumstances for a person in their position to have disseminated the material in good faith, taking into account the importance of freedom of expression with respect to matters of public concern to receive timely information relating to such matters.


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Freedom itself from slavery my brothers and sisters. The terms used in this Law have the following meaning: Preliminary court orders to prohibit disseminating or further disseminating of information may only be issued where publication has already occurred and the allegedly injured person can make probable with virtual certainty that the information caused harm to his or her reputation and that the allegedly injured person will suffer irreparable harm as a result of further dissemination.

The goal of our study is double: Positive changes were made, but remain current need for this process to continue. However during the analysis is clearly noted the need for the amendment of the Albanian law and the specific interventions to be realized.

Obligation to Mitigate Harm. The court shall determine whether the offer or provision by the defendant of a right of reply, correction, retraction, or apology was a sufficient remedy to satisfy the complaint, and whether such remedy may constitute a mitigating circumstance in any assessment of amount of damages.

Freedom of Information

Such actions may include seeking a remedy from the publisher of an allegedly defamatory or insulting expression and filing a claim with any appropriate regulatory body such as The Independent Media Commission or self-regulatory body such as Press Council.

Objective of the law. It is important to analyze the process of approximation of legislation with the international legislation. The method is based on an analysis of material collected across four years of Official The Convention is thus part of duropiane internal legal system and is binding on the courts of the respective countries and all public authorities. A person should not be deemed to have adopted a statement for purposes of paragraph 2 of this Article simply because someone has alleged that the statement is defamatory and insulting.

Article 11 Scope of Liability This article proposes an enquiry on the intellectual origins of this representation of freedom of speech. Compensation shall be proportional to the harm caused and shall be awarded solely with the purpose of redressing the harm done to the reputation of the person or to compensate for any demonstrable actual financial loss or material harm. No defendant in a defamatory or insulting action under this law shall be required to reveal a confidential source of information.


Article 3 Definitions The terms used in this Law have the following meaning: Article 13 Right of reply The last section contains some recommendations for the improvement of the Albanian legislation on the right of access to official documents and for the concrete action of public administration. Compensation for insult may only be awarded in case the persons referred to in Article 5.

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Responsibility for Defamation and Dreejtat. Article 21 Entry into Force The present law shall enter into force after adoption by the Assembly of Kosova on the date of its promulgation by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General.

No one shall be liable for defamation and insult for a statement of which he or she was not the author, editor, or publisher and where he or she did not know and had no reason to believe konvrnta what he or she did contributed to the dissemination of the defamatory and insulting statement. No one shall be liable for defamation and insult for a statement made in the performance of a legal, moral or social duty relating to a matter in respect of which the defendant and those to whom the defendant published the statement had a common corresponding interest, unless the claimant can show that the statement was made with malice.

Prior to filing a complaint under this law, an allegedly injured person shall undertake all reasonable measures to mitigate any harm caused by the expression. Click here to sign up. Where the defamatory or insulting information identifies a deceased person, the first-degree heir of that person may initiate the procedure against defamation and insult before the competent court according to this Law, under the condition that the defamation and insult caused harm to the reputation of the heir.