Lakkhana Sutta. The thirtieth sutta of the Dīgha Nikāya. It gives an account of the thirty two special marks of the superman (mahāpurisalakkhanāni) which signify. DN 30 Lakkhana Sutta: The Marks of a Great Man. The Lord said: ‘There are, monks, these thirty-two marks peculiar to a Great Man. That Great Man who. Lakkhana Suttanta, Written by T. W. and C. A. F. Rhys Davids, Hits: You are here: Home · Digha Nikaya · Pathikavaggapali; DN30 Lakkhana Sutta.

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He lxkkhana a great retinue: The naga Mucalinda even protected the Buddha from a great storm for seven days, four weeks after his enlightenment, by covering his head with his hood. His body is divinely straight XVI. The nagas are also able to appear as human beings, apparently at will.

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He is long lived, long enduring, attaining a great age, and during that time no human foe can possible take his life But if he goes forth from the household life into homelessness renunciation and become a monkhe will become an Arahant, a fully-enlightened Buddha, who has drawn back the veil from the lakkhanw. He has the seven convex surfaces.

The Marks Digha Nikaya 30 Country: After death upon returning to earth he lakkhanx this mark of the Great Man: Thus his followers are pure. If a nobleman of wealth Gentle will his subjects be If a recluse—free from taint, Well set up his flock will be.

suttaa All his followers are well disposed to him: Standing and without bending, he can touch and rub his knees with either hand. Falling away from there and coming to be reborn here on earth, he thus acquired this mark of the Great Man: When he thence returned to earth Sheath Enclosed his organs were.


Those who know the signs declared: Well formed above and beautiful.

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He has a large retinue: And if he goes forth into hermit life, he will become a fully enlightened Buddha He becomes the chiefforemost, highest, supreme among the unrenounced. He dwells having conquered this sea-girt land without stick or sword, but by justice, he rules over this earth as far as its ocean boundaries, a land open, un-infested with brigands, free from jungle, powerful, prosperous, happy and free from perils.

And if he goes forth into homelessness, he will become a fully-enlightened Buddha. Thus, this theory of the thirty-two marks of a great man is really a codification of the general theory of karma, identifying the cause of each characteristic and its effects in the present life which are comparableboth for emperors and buddhas.

He is a speaker whose words are to be treasured, seasonable, reasoned, well-defined and connected with the goal. Established in goodwill, he gave Gifts of clothing, soft and fine. Now he can unbending stand And touch his knees with lakkhsna his hands, And his tree like girth and height Is the fruit of virtuous deeds. Sariputta and Moggallana, the two chief disciples of the Buddha, are called mahanagas lit. His complexion is bright, the color of gold XII.

His body hair grows upwards, bluish-black like collyruim, growing in rings to the right. Being endowed with these marks, as a ruler, his followers will not be divided among themselves and they stay united.

As a Buddha, he becomes the chiefforemost, highest, supreme among all beings. It gives an account of the thirty two special marks of the superman mahapurisalakkhanani which signify that their possessor will be either a world emperor Cakkavatti or a Buddha.


Lakkhanx Karma Avoided Positive Karma Cultivated Karmic Effect Taking life Compassion Longevity Stealing Generosity Good disposition towards him by others Wrongful speech lying, idle chatter, gossip, harshness Truthfulness, speaking at the right time, peacemaking, agreeableness Obedience by others, cannot be overcome, unity of the people, persuasiveness Perhaps surprisingly, sensuality and alcohol are not emphasized in this important list of the laokhana of a Buddha.

Gandhabbas, Sakkas, Asuras Will strive in vain to cast him down. Commentators endlessly emphasize how odd the thirty-two marks of a great man are, but most of them are not hard to imagine.

As a Buddha he cannot lose anything: Whatever he touches with the tip of his tongue he tastes in his throat, and the taste is dispersed everywhere. For him who level treads the ground.

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Hajime Nakamura states that the verse sections predate the prose lzkkhana. You will notice that this sutta, like many others, is written in both verse and prose.

Similarly, the verse sections of the Jatakas are canonical, but the prose sections are not. In happy realm reborn, he there Enjoyed the fruits of his good deeds. There is a similar Mahayana sutra, called the Karma Sutrawhich compiles a similar list of qualities without special reference to a buddha or the thirty-two marks. Ustta dwells having conquered this sea-giant land without stick or sword, by the law.

And after that reward was done, He reappeared with turbaned head.