Whether you are a lessor or a lessee, the Régie du logement proposes some models Lease. The landlord has the right to receive the total amount of the rent. Version en français – L’audition à la régie du logement has exclusive jurisdiction over all matters relating to the lease, as long as the amount requested does. The Régie du logement is a provincial body that supervises the residential rental market and applies Quebec’s housing laws and regulations. Its responsibilities.

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This relationship is structured around a lease contract that determines the obligations of each party. The commissioner will then listen to evidence presented by the defendant – the person against whom the application is filed. In principle, the owner has the right to negotiate a rent increase with the tenant.

You can be represented by a lawyer, relative, leasd or friend.

Expert Evidence A report by an expert that is relevant to the dispute and relates to your apartment can be entered as evidence. In the contract of tenure, the parties have very little contractual freedom, as the majority of the rules governing housing law are intended to protect the tenant and are therefore of public order. In addition to the documents you want to submit as evidence, be sure that you or your mandatary bring a copy of your lease and any notices of changes the lease.

Régie du logement

Request a relocation allowance in case of unilateral termination and without right of logemebt tenant see rights and obligations of the tenant 4. Here are some things that are not allowed: A tenant who believes that the dwelling occupied by or in which he is about to move represents a danger to his health or a threat to his safety, may:.


Under penalty of nullity, the notice requiring a modification of the rent must always be indicated to the tenant: The witness must receive the subpoena at least three days before the hearing.

Return the dwelling to dy condition in which it was found. Must the landlord give the tenant a copy of the lease? A question of general interest refers to a group of interest as opposed to a particular interest.

Leases | Éducaloi

But nothing in a lease can go against what the law requires. The landlord must give tenants a copy of these rules before the lease is signed. Following a request to terminate the lease for non-payment of rent, the court may terminate the lease and order the eviction of the tenant despite appeal. Written Statements of Witnesses You can submit written statements for your witnesses.

The applicant can be either a tenant or a landlord. Let us first note that the lease can like any contract terminate with the consent of both parties. This article explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec. Resiliation means cancelling or breaking a lease. Termination for Unfit Housing. This kind of lease is valid and creates the same rights and responsibilities as a written lease.

The Régie du logement (rental board)

This article is not a legal regif or legal advice. The rent increase always comes with the notice of renewal of the lease. Do you have any questions, need a logemdnt quote or want to write a review? The cost depends on the type of request and sometimes on the amount of your logemdnt. To avoid problems your mandatary can try to reach an agreement with the other side before the hearing and have this person sign a written agreement to postpone the case.

A tenant who believes that the dwelling occupied by or in which he is about to move represents a danger to his health or a threat to his safety, may: You should also dress appropriately. Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, third-party sources. You can cancel a lease only in special cases.


The Régie du logement (rental board) | Éducaloi

In it, the landlord agrees to provide the tenant with a rental unit in good condition in exchange for rent. Owner landlord or tenant, you may well need a housing lawyer in your rental agreement for the following reasons: Lotement weeks ago, you moved into your new apartment with your best friend, Rex, a big German Shepherd.

If the party was the defendant in the application that gave rise to the impugned decision, his request for withdrawal must contain the summary reasons and defense pleadings that he claimed at the first hearing.

Return the dwelling to the condition in which it was found Rights: You are also wondering if you should have a lawyer with you. When the owner of a residential building takes back a rental unit, this is called repossessing. It also has jurisdiction over any application, regardless of the amount, relating to the renewal of a lease, the fixing of the rent, the resumption of housing, the eviction of the dwelling or the lease of a low-rent dwelling The official government website http: Termination of the lease.

Where the court is seized of an application as to the conditions under which the work is to be carried out, it shall be the duty of the owner to prove the reasonableness of the work and regiw conditions. It is signed between a tenant and a landlord. The tenant is free to accept or refuse.