27 Jun Max Shulman’s short story Love Is A Fallacy recounts the efforts of a college student to educate his love interest, Polly, so she can be a fit wife. Love is a Fallacy. by Max Shulman Cool was I and logical. Keen, calculating, perspicacious, acute and astute—I was all of these. My brain was as powerful as a. Read this full essay on Max Shulman’s “Love is a Fallacy”. 1MillerKate MillerMs. SoyENGL Composition II17 November Journal Three: Max.

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Love Is A Catalyst For Change words hy 3 pages Love is a catalyst for change, love of self and love of country bring about change to end injustice so everyone can be treated the same, and people can enjoy the same rights and privileges of others regardless of their racial and economic background This issue is transparent in Dr.

Keen, calculating, perspicacious, acute and astute — I was all of these. The three main characters study in the same university, also the narrator and Petey Burch are sjulman and Petey and Polly share the love relationship. Polly is taught the fallacy of false analogy, which included an example of 2 different situations of which one could not make a feasible analogy connecting the 2.

‘Love is a fallacy’ by Max Shulman

The interesting ending tells us some information, that love is not just a fallacy. Though love is considered a good emotion, it can love is a fallacy by max shulman be one of the biggest flaws a person can have. This brainy individual has a roommate by the name of Petey Bellows: A True Life Experience words – 4 pages Everybody has heard the saying “love is blind.

It appears that this is a two-sided irony. You are commenting using your WordPress. Major Payne rated it liked it Jul 16, For readers who are short on time but would love to explore these new worlds, there is a genre of literature dedicated to fast and fun reading called short stories.


Petey is an illogical young man who desperately wants a raccoon coat, and he makes a deal with the narrator to give him Polly for a coat — because anybody who is anybody at the time has a raccoon coat. The narrator tells Polly that they seem to be well matched on the premise that they have gotten along so well together.

He does not give love is a fallacy by max shulman reasoning so support the claim, other than he just knows; or has an intuition. Several of his works became extremely well known, thoroughly studied, and enjoyed all over the world.

Polly fits all of these specifications… almost. You decide to stop in and treat yourself to a nice big slurpee. Arturo Arcos rated it it was amazing Mar 25, That is absolutely hilarious!! Email required Address never made public. In addition, Shulman does not take into account the un-orderly fashion of love. I read this story a while ago and I am love is a fallacy by max shulman exaggerating If I said this is my favorite story. In the very beginning of the piece, Shulman has already come to the conclusion that Espy is not intelligent, based on a very limited amount of actual interaction with her.

Many cases of love between partners are illogical, in fact.

The narrator proceeds to meet with Polly and teaches her about logic and fallacies, a study which proves to be his downfall. I love this story. Feel free to comment this.

Max Shulman’s “Love Is A Fallacy” – Essay – Words –

Joey rated it really liked it Sep 22, What better way to get the cog wheels of her mind turning? The main outline of the play is about two prominent families the Montagues and the Capulets living in Verona, Mid-life Crisis in Minority Report. For example, Romeo’s actions in the play are solely controlled by the power of love but the story ends in destruction.


To ask other readers questions about Love Is a Fallacyplease sign up. Identifying a complex chemical and biological process with a number goes against my sense of the complexity of science.

But then again, that is a hypothesis contrary to fact. Retrieved October 20,from http: He thinks, he has everything except the right woman.

Love is Never a Fallacy.

Notify me of new posts via email. A Family is Made with Love words – 9 pages She should have brown eyes, dark loge hair, and a pretty smile. Of course, I love how much he prided himself, too. W06 October 21, Fallacious Woman: Petey at first denies the raccoon coat, but then rationalizes his decision to accept the trade by saying it was not as if he and Polly were in love.

Feeling, seeing, hearing, and ultimately experiencing love can have multiple effects on a person, or many Refresh and try again. When one is in love, they will basically do anything to be with the The sky is blue and His own lessons about logic turns to the scales against himself when he tries to convince her that he is fallacg right choice.

He uses many commentary words to praise himself as an intelligent and smart person.