Discover ideas about Arabic Alphabet. makhraj. Arabic alphabetArabic . Arabic Alphabet (To read correctly start from right to left: “Alif” being the first letter and. Explore dia jabeen’s board “makhraj” on Pinterest. | See more makhraj Arabic Alphabet, Arabic Lessons, Learning Arabic, Arabic Language, Arabic Words. 12 Apr Read Quran with rules of tajweed, Learn Makharij ul Hufuf, The articulation points of Arabic alphabet letters in English, There are 17 makharij of.

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Inshallah we will cover them one at a time. There are two main areas within this makhraj ; they are as follows. Between the top and bottom teeth is an open area which is generally known to make a hissing sound. Makhrsj the sukoon is clearly marked on the Qalqalah letters.

The innermost part of the tongue, towards the mouth, with what corresponds to it from the upper palate produces. Commonly, this letter is transliterated into dh which I find may be confusing, especially in words where the letter h aa or haa follow.

The second rule is enacted only when the latter baa follows a silent meem meem saakinah. Along the way, arabbic stop and take a look at your throat.

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This post covers both these regions as they are generally considered to be one main area. The rule has the following conditions: The letters from this makhraj are: Within this region, there are five points ,akhraj articulation, producing 11 letters. Right side of the tongue touching the gums on the right 3. Read all about it below….


Makharij (Points of Articulation of Letters) – Essentialilm

To sum up, the six letters that emerge from the throat are: Usually the righter side of the edge produces laam. They are the very nectar of tajweed, and I can only hope that in my humble attempt to put forward the rules, you can achieve mahraj great understanding. Wastul Lisaan Middle of the Tongue The makhraj of Wastul Lisaan is the middle of the tongue hitting the top of the mouth.

Between the very tip of the tongue and the bottom edge of the two front teeth the following letters are produced. The area referred to in the hard palate is slightly off that area which produces noon, as comparable in the diagrams above.

Colloquial dialects araic greatly, so as an Arabic speaking person, I can only stress the importance of learning the makhaarij.

Makharij (Points of Articulation of Letters)

Knowing the point of articulation and mastering it is important. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Left side of the tongue touching the gums on the left 2. Within the throat, there are three points of articulation.


Leave lettters very little gap and let the sound of the meem come from the deeper part of your mouth while you prepare to say the baa. Qalqalah Wusta Medium Echo: The nasal passage is the 17th and last makhraj to be studied. The condition here is that these letters have a arabid on them, fat-ha, d ammah, kasra. A d ammah must be present on the letter before a silent waaw. Complications can occur, but only stringent Arabic teachers and alike should take note of these and avoid them when teaching.

Examples of Ikhfaa Shafawee: The first makhraj that we will cover is the jawf or empty space in the mouth and throat. This is when the three madd letters have no diacrtic on them, but are not prolonged because the letter preceeding them does not have the corresponding diacritic mentioned in the above conditions. Between the upper tip and hard palate, directly behind the two front incisors, the following letters are produced.