Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War is a novel by American author and decorated Marine Karl Marlantes. It was first published by El Leon Literary Arts in . A graduate of Yale University and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, Karl Marlantes served as a Marine in Vietnam, where he was awarded the Navy Cross. 22 Apr Karl Marlantes’ debut novel, 30 years in the making, follows Waino Mellas, a young Ivy ‘Matterhorn’: A Beautiful, Brutal Vietnam War Epic.

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Mellas wanted to reach out across the Pacific and apologize. Just anything, then I’d understand it. And before I forget…. The Author in Vietnam If you wish to see more of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit http: The latter portions of the novel matterhorn karl marlantes the struggles of Bravo Marlantse to retake the base, which fell into enemy hands after it was abandoned.

Survival was more about luck than skill. And the intensity was really there for me: Matterhorn karl marlantes records had to show two dead NVA.

They fight for each other. His marlante is fact but with fictional names of the characters and, matterhorn karl marlantes a few cases, the terrain features.

Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes | Book review | Books | The Guardian

Matterhorn karl marlantes is the best book I’ve read so far in I picked it up in the evening and was finished by noon the next day. It was the way with leeches, he mused. The author served as a Marine in Vietnam, where he was awarded two Purple Hearts and several other commendations.

Mellas wanted to crawl inside his hooch and make the world matterhorn karl marlantes, but he knew this would be stupid and any rest would be short. Between jungle illnesses and always being exhausted from the patrols, night watches and the hard labor of establishing the camp, the Marines are stretched matterhorn karl marlantes.


I doubt I would’ve finished it if it were. For Marlantes, the impulse was to celebrate a noble sacrifice and to make his novel an act of homage to the fallen. Mar 19, Michael rated it really liked it.

Maybe I should matterhorn karl marlantes skimmed through some segments, but I was trying to get the full effect. To ask other readers questions about Matterhornplease sign up.

I listened to the audio version of this book.

As he experiences more combat and loses men he matterhorn karl marlantes to understand the politics of the war. They are ultimately concerned not with the overtones of why they are where they are, they are only concerned with survival. I do know this: It occurred to Mellas that he could create matterhorn karl marlantes possibility of good or evil through caring.

‘Matterhorn’: A Beautiful, Brutal Vietnam War Epic

I became completely and totally invested in each and every character. It was, he said, conscripting the language of fiction, “a story about war, based on personal experience”. I know guys were dropping out like flies. There, they mafterhorn the Vietnamese have occupied their old matterhorn karl marlantes.

It only made sense that if you killed two, with the way the Matterhorn karl marlantes pulled out bodies, you had to have some probables.


He cursed the diplomats arguing about round and square tables. The only characters who get extended flashbacks to home are Mulvaney and Mellas. She didn’t know he was in a hole about to die.

They matterhorn karl marlantes a 5, gallon water bladder in each area. This black kid wanted out of the bush to have his recurrent headaches examined, and some of the brothers were matterhorn karl marlantes things up in support. Vietnam, compared to these wars filled with heroes, matterhorn karl marlantes body bags and political protest, and men dying in jungles for unknown political reasons, chemicals, resume hunters and officers needing to prove that they had won status in Korea.


It was a conservative estimate. Stories of heroes, of dog fights in beautiful old spitfires, of spies, of Nazi occupation, of secreting Jews out of Germany and Paris, of the beaches of Normandy, the ocean islands matterhorn karl marlantes the Pacific. The entire process takes 30 years. How invested was I? At the same time, a writer needs tranquillity and perspective in which to recollect the emotion. In “Good Form”, the narrator introduces a new element into writing about Vietnam, drawing a distinction between “story truth” and “happening truth”, an allusion to Daniel Defoe’s famous description of the novel as “lying like truth”.

It greatly enhances the dark comedy that runs as an undercurrent throughout the novel. It was a tremendous and powerful novel. Mellas stood beneath the gray monsoon clouds on the narrow strip of cleared ground between the edge of the jungle and the relative safety of the perimeter wire. He was challenged by a group of young anti-war protesters “hollering obscenities”, chanting “babykiller” and waving north Vietnamese flags.

Quite simply, it’s matterhorn karl marlantes early to try to make history out of Vietnam in the same way it WAY too early to try to make history out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

My husband matterhorn karl marlantes the radioman in a matterhorn karl marlantes humping in the jungle of Vietnam about a year after this book was set. It’s an intricate story with a lot of characters to keep track of, but it’s worth it. They embraced big themes, themes so universal that the war became a backdrop for a discussion of Man, Nature, and War.