NOTE: The activities listed above were interested in this document as of the date of this document. Since organizations and responsibilities can change, you. 11 Nov MIL MIL-PRF PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT INFORMATION (SUPERSEDING MIL-STD/2B AND. 11 Nov MIL-PRF APPENDIX A SUPPORTABILITY ANALYSIS SUMMARIES A.1 SCOPE. A Scope. The following reports shall consist of.

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As the ARS Test Set has already been developed, fielded to the existing sites, and programmed for the other sites, its cost was considered sunk. In modification programs, high level source maintenance and recoverability SMR coding may occur. The contents of this Web Site are copyright of Project Performance Australia Pty Ltd and are made available for your information only, on the condition that you do not incorporate their contents, in whole or in kil, into any other material of any nature without permission in writing from Project Performance Australia Pty Ltd.

A band type sleeve with a mechanical leverage mechanism to facilitate easy reduction of ring radii. A maintenance planning summary may include supporting information from the RAM community that justifies the need for each maintenance action e.

MIL-PRF Logistics Management Information 11 Nov

They are also applicable to fielded systems as an analysis tool when: Manpower, Personnel, and Training summaries can be used to verify that manpower and skill level requirements or thresholds are being met.

For example, these opportunities include determining early support equipment requirements built-in test vs. Project offices can tailor samples to fit their information needs. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts.

Need more than one copy? This summary should focus on items which may cause support difficulties over the remaining life of the system. Figure presents a sample summary layout.

Government and are not subject to copyright protection in the U.

You are authorised to print the contents provided that this copyright notice is included. These summaries may also be used by the government to develop. Sample Maintenance Planning Summary Engineering and logistics functional elements must coordinate and interface to maximize the usage of the data developed by each program element.


Other reliability and maintainability data that could also be incorporated includes, but is not limited to: Site developed by Webel IT Australia.

Standard: MIL-PRF-49506

They may identify, for the system support structure, the operational readiness achieved and the placement and allocation of spares, support equipment, and personnel. Repair Analysis summaries can be used to identify the optimal support structure and assist in development of SMR codes and maintenance products.

Non-economic evaluations may consider preemptive factors e. Most access requests are approved. Search SE Goldmine Search this site: Subscription pricing is determined by: No ongoing contract, including negotiated or priced options, shall be re. The source of these documents is the U. This pdf is not included in any packages.

The government shall avoid imposing government-unique requirements that significantly increase industry compliance costs. Please click here to complete a registration request form. If RAM data is requested on this summary, the data should be in the same format and have the same definition that is specified in appropriate RAM standards.

The LMI summaries may include any information deemed necessary by the requiring authority. The PM shall ensure compatibility of data deliverables with existing internal information systems, 4950 augment such systems as required to provide timely rpf access and distribution consistent with DFARS and In order to achieve this objective, the new specification has the following characteristics: On the other hand, some of the reliability and maintainability data a logistician would like to see may not be delivered to the RAM community.

Prff shall allow contractors the maximum flexibility in proposing the most appropriate supportability analyses.

Supply Support summaries can be used as preliminary checkpoints before data is loaded into the required provisioning system, or they can serve as the actual deliverable product. We have no document history for this standard. Analysis was performed based upon planned fielding to all 46 sites currently employing the Autonomous Robotics System ARS as well as the 23 sites where fielding is planned.


SyEN makes informative reading for the project professional, containing scores of news and other items summarizing developments in the field of systems engineering and in directly related fields. We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. The remainder of this section will focus on using the LMI performance specification as 495006 source for support data. Information and documents presented here are works of the U. These summaries could also be used as a preliminary check in the development of technical publications.

The Maintenance Nil summaries pef be used to review contractor specified maintenance actions and ensure they are aligned with the maintenance concept.

The summaries may identify preventive and corrective maintenance actions and the required spares and support equipment. Data products intended primarily for in-house use by contractors during their design process or those developed internally by the Department of Defense are beyond the scope of this specification. Sample Support and Test Equipment Summary. The underlying philosophy of MIL-PRF is to allow contractors maximum flexibility in designing systems and developing, maintaining, and providing support and support related engineering data.

The first few paragraphs touch on not imposing government-unique requirements and on issues related to digital data.


Facilities summaries are especially relevant during Phase I because of the long lead-time 449506 required for establishing or modifying facilities. The following excerpt from DoD Add to Alert PDF. Supersedes standard s Standard: Electronic data interchange, on-line access, and all other automation issues are outside the scope of the specification and must be addressed separately using other appropriate documents such as MIL-STD Obviously, Supply Support type summaries are applicable to fielded systems when an engineering change proposal is submitted; or a change miil contractor support to organic support is being considered; or as part of a scheduled fielded system review.