The Motorola GR Repeater provides the perfect solution. By making it easy to extend your two-way system to accommodate longer distances, these. NOTE: THIS IS AN ASTRON SLM POWER SUPPLY. (IN THIS CASE, THE “M” STANDS FOR MOTOROLA-. THERE ARE NO METERS ON THIS UNIT). Motorola GR VHF/UHF 40/45Watts Increase the range and capabilities of your mobile and portable radios with the GR repeater. It provides the flexibility.

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If just the receiver is off frequency or seems dead then you will need to check the frequency of the second oscillator crystal. Well, the trick that isn’t in ,otorola manual is that to re-initialize the ZR all you have to do is to hold the button labeled “Connect” in while you power the unit on gr5500 keep it held until the LED labeled “Phone” starts to flash.

Note that the base station and mobile microphones for the MaxTrac, Radius, Motorola gr500 repeater and several other radios including the DeskTrac look absolutely identical, but may or may not be interchangeable because they can be wired differently inside the differences involve only motorola gr500 repeater first two pins, see the pinout table below.

PL decode out, COS out, etc. If you don’t have it motorola gr500 repeater all you can do repezter to swap firmware and do a full realignment motorola gr500 repeater scratch since without it you can’t read and save the tuning data before you blank the board.

Motorola Analog Base Station/Repeater: GR500/CDR500

When all are removed clean out the holes with a solder sucker or a round wooden toothpick. All GR repeaters include the following: The RSS contains a “warp” adjustment to bring the reference oscillator the main frequency determining circuit in the radio back on channel, but Motorola had a bad batch of the If anyone would care to share information on the non-USA radios we’d be happy to add them on this page, or even create a region-specific page.

If you have problems programming a radio, and nothing seems to work, open it up and look at the part number of the logic board and the RF board, then compare that to the radio model charts. In the GM manual Motorola gr500 repeater says motorola gr500 repeater crystal is not field replaceable but it obviously was in the days of the motorola gr500 repeater swapout under warranty supposedly Moto was shipping out thousands of replacement crystals per month for several months.

Does anyone have additional photos of a GR an internal photo would be nice?

Motorola Radius GR Repeater Station Input Voltage /vac | eBay

You can also use multiple logic lines from a repeater controller to do the binary selection. Please click here to contact a rental specialist. Motorola gr500 repeater features are described for each controller. So get a jumper with a T-D on one end, and a single-hole female BNC on the other and you are good to go. It’s dead motorola gr500 repeater, just use a large pair of diagonal cutters and chop apart motorola gr500 repeater old connector.


Dn n LRA7n nn aa As mentioned above, the n is the band, and the nn is the split: I’ve been told of, but not personally seen, similarly modified mobiles. This is low split high band, sometimes called a “range 1” radio.

Motorola GR500 Base Station Repeater (Black)

Let’s say that you have a ZR Advanced Interconnect controller gd500 you don’t know the password to the default programming password isbut it can be changed and usually isand you need to make changes.

The story that I heard from two independent sources is that the offshore crystal manufacturer tried to cut one too many corners and motorola gr500 repeater fill the crystal cases with dry motorola gr500 repeater during manufacture, but nobody knows for sure or if they do, they aren’t talking.

If you are going motorola gr500 repeater be doing any upgrading, or you are converting a trunking radio to conventional, you will need a PROM-based radio which leaves motorola gr500 repeater the HLN low-end 5-pin logic board and a 27C PROM chip programmed with the correct firmware image.

Moto made the GR series with a variety of interchangeable controllers and in some cases there are jumpers that have to be moved rrepeater the transmit and receive radios and the controller to adapt them to each other.

There was also a kit to swap the two radio chassis in a GR or GR for a single Motoroa radio this allowed a GR or Motorola gr500 repeater to be narrow-banded, and the two radios that were removed could be used elsewhere or sold. So use an audio isolation transformer to prevent this – just put the transformer between the radio and any load that isn’t a floating an ungrounded stand-alone speaker.

Believe it and heed it. More notes on firmware, including a list of 10 different part numbers, is in the “Introduction to The cabinet also had space for an internal mobile duplexer motorola gr500 repeater a slot for the HLN Battery Revert board mentioned above.

The total deviation level can also go a little crazy when the radio is programmed outside the limits. Many folks use the feature to implement a frequency agile remote base on their repeater, for example a Repeatfr Motorola gr500 repeater programmed with 2m channels repeeater a UHF repeater. Provides trunked repeater functionality, group calling, individual selective calling, advanced interconnect calling and airtime accumulation capabilities. I’ve not looked at the schematics in detail, but I suspect that you could motorola gr500 repeater the parts list from the information above and acquire the similar through-hole parts and with them you could narrowband the older RF boards.


Well, the issue is that the radio is expecting a microphone to repeatef plugged in, and the purpose of the Monitor button is to go to motorola gr500 repeater squelch while the microphone is in the hang up clip. More details including a photo will be found below and in the Interfacing articles. The original ones used fepeater parallel port, the newer ones are USB. On any radio that is new to you you need to download the existing moforola the existing frequency, tone and radio-wide motorola gr500 repeater and archive it.

No matter what name is used, it is model number HLNB. All of the configurations that were in-band repeaters had a mobile notch only duplexer inside. Just take the top cover off your radio then lift the shield on the RF board and look at the number stamped in black ink. Once the eight individual pins are free from the plastic body and standing up in the breeze then unsolder each pin one at a time from the bottom of the board moorola lift it out with a pair of needle nose pliers from the top of the motorola gr500 repeater.

Moto Marketing motoroal the maximum channel count from 32 in the MaxTrac to 16 in the GM in an effort to force the folks who needed more than 16 channels into a “first tier” radio like the Spectra. The most recent version was used in preparation of the articles in this section.

This is a common thread. You really don’t want your repeater fading out during motorola gr500 repeater important like motorola gr500 repeater search and rescue operation, or even a autopatch call.

When you acquire your MaxTrac or Radius radio remember to download and save the original i. There is a paper tag motorola gr500 repeater to the side motorola gr500 repeater the factory crystal with an 8-digit number that contains the temperature coefficient information that needs to be typed into the RSS see this photo motorolaa, and naturally a new crystal will be different than the old one, but the data on the label on your old crystal should be a good motorola gr500 repeater point.

And that external amp can be continuous duty You may find that the model number tag is wrong! Either way, it’s the bidirectional programming data lead, which is used by the RIB for programming the radio, so leave this pin taped off inside the microphone.