Panzer Battles (German: Panzerschlachten) is the English language title of Friedrich von Mellenthin’s memoirs of his service as a staff officer in the Panzerwaffe. Johnny said: Panzer Battles isn’t a theoretical work as much as it is a practical Major General von Mellenthin recounts his experiences on three major fronts of. Born in , von Mellenthin joined the Seventh Cavalry Regiment in to write Panzer Battles, having been present at every major panzer campaign.

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This was one of the first books on WW2 that I read. However, he does acknowledge that Russian armor tactics and doctrine improved as the war progressed.

Friedrich von Mellenthin

The book covers von Mellenthin’s personal recollections and operational information on the major operations in which he participated, across every major theater of the war, with substantial coverage of his time as Erwin Rommel ‘s intelligence officer in the Afrika Corps and his time as the Chief panzer battles von mellenthin Staff for XXXXVIII Panzer Corps in Russia. It seems to me he’s missing the big picture. Feb 13, Larry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Views Read Edit View history.

Parts of the book are interesting, but far too much of it is simply panzer battles von mellenthin recitation of troop dispositions.

What I found lacking in the book, and panzer battles von mellenthin is a glaring omission in my opinion, is the lack of detail on the tactical employment of armor. No trivia or quizzes yet. It is a work that has taken its place among those of Liddell Hart, J.

PANZER BATTLES. 1939-1945. By Major-General F. W. von Mellenthin. (Cassell,

The author’s final chapter where he reflects on the war following his time in imprisonment and the many personal conversations he was able to have with various high-ranking German military and government officials panzzer enlightening. Panzer battles von mellenthin from the original on 23 September Still, you don’t often get a narrative from such a senior officer at the frontline.


Panzer battles von mellenthin s A fantastic read. There are many battalions, divisions, and armies, but no soldiers. Hardcoverpages. Hitler was only able to exterminate Europe’s Jews because the honorable German officer class did such magnificent jobs overrunning Europe. Perhaps if Mellenthin and his colleagues had had a little less honor, a little less patriotism, things might have turned out differently.

Army Command and General Staff College. To ask other readers questions about Panzer Battlesplease sign up. Students of war studies.

At Stalingrad, the German troops needed hundred tons of supplies per day. The Myth of the Eastern Front: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He says that it wasn’t until he was in captivity that panzer battles von mellenthin learned of what the Nazis psnzer panzer battles von mellenthin.

What he does not do is go into any depth into what tactical and doctrinal differences made individual tank commanders so flexible. In the last few weeks of the war, when he was posted on the western front, he is saddened by the collapse of his army but doesn’t seem upset by the destruction of his country.

Panzer Battles – Wikipedia

Armored warfare assumed vital importance in World War II, and during the first years of the war despite inferiority in numbers and equipment, the German Army was master. He participated in most of the major campaigns of the war, and looks beyond the political influences to strengths and weaknesses in tactics and logistics. Most modern tank battles have been decidedly one-sided so I went looking farther back to World War II, with a particular interest for armored war in the vast spaces of north Africa and the Russian steppe.


In the fashion of “this unit moved batles and that panzer battles von mellenthin moved melllenthin. Offers an excellent insight into warfare on the eastern front. Refresh and try again. Battlew, because Hitler was both obsessed and panzer battles von mellenthin, no one panzer battles von mellenthin offer truly sound counsel.

Was also very interesting to read about how Adolf Hitler, in the end, really defeated himself. Written by a German pajzer who participated in all the various campaigns throughout the book This book did not disappoint, in fact it was all that I could hope for in a paperback. Additionally, there is no e-book version of it and finding a copy of the paperback in good shape was not easy. Spectator Archive by Netcopy.

He echoes the professional assessment of Col. I found this book fascinating, and if I were an Armor-branch officer, and therefore panzer battles von mellenthin to serve in the same types of roles as the author, I would make a point of trying to read it every other year or so.

Immediately upon its release, Dartmouth history professor Henry Mdllenthin. I just finished re-reading this Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing German-language text. Jul 12, Joe rated it it was amazing. Mar 01, Panzer battles von mellenthin rated it really liked pahzer Shelves: Sep 03, Cimuchowski rated it it was ok. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Feb 19, Martin rated it it was amazing.