The literal meaning of Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam is “Heart –hṛdayam– of Recognition –pratyabhijñā–“. Nonetheless, there are three possible ways of interpreting. PRATYABHIJNAHRDAYAM ♢ THE SECRET OF RECOGNITION TRANSLATED BY KURT F\ Digitised by Ajit Gargeshwari For Karnataka. 21 Mar KSTS edition (Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies).

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The phenomenal universe is thought of as a varied play of forces, good and evil, friendly and hostile to man, and towering behind them all in mysterious, terrifying grandeur is paras’akti. Vikalpa-ksaya is also the classical technique for calming the agitated mind.

Thinking thus he said: The basis of this form of magic is furnished by the as- sumption of a secret correspondence between the s’aktis of the universe and the sounds of the [Sanskrit] prtyabhijnahrdayam, or, rather, the letters of the [Sanskrit] alphabet. In this passage the author has the development of the universe begin with the 34th principle, since he deems the two highest tattvas, s’akti and Shiva, too far removed from the process of the world.

As the author himself says in the introduction and prahyabhijnahrdayam the final paragraph, in composing it he had in mind readers who, lacking any special training in logic, are incapable of comprehending the real textbooks those mentioned 1 Otto, Visnu-N Stray ana. Vaha-cheda cutting the two vital currents, prana and apana leads to illumination by pratyabhijnahrdayyam the ascending and descending vayus in rpatyabhijnahrdayam heart.


Full text of “Pratyabhijna Hrdayam The Secret of Recognition Kurt Leidecker F. Adyar”

With the exception of gocari which in this place creates difficulties in the way of interpretation, these names describe ingeniously the four psychological deities and their sphere of influence.

In addition, you would learn Sanskrit words for spiritual terms. It is accomplished by certain postures and by breath control. That is why, you sometimes will find this alternative way of writing the title of the scripture.

Whoever possesses sovereignty of the will is ruler of the circles lratyabhijnahrdayam citi, 1 ‘” is the great Lord, And is furnished with the circles of the deities of conscious- ness — he is victorious. The ordinary breathing process of inhalation pur aka and exhala- tion recaka travels along the path of the two auxiliary nadls and allows the organ of thought to remain in its changeableness and fickleness, thus keeping up samsara. In the same way must sumanya-spanda-bhuh unmesatmU be explained.

More precise data about these manuscripts are not 1 The variation of the Gupta script common in Kashmir. It is the nature of the soul to take on the colour of its associates. Share your thoughts with other customers. It means originally a signet-ring, seal, lock. Meant are the works of the Kashmir school in contradis- tinction to the Agamas. The opposite of vikalpa ; cf. Closely related to the Southern Shivaism of the Tamuls it represents, together with pratyabhijnaahrdayam latter, the noblest development of the otherwise rather frequently repelling Shivaitic Hinduism.


Reflecting on this problem he said: Deussen and Abegg, l. The Tamil version, however, says: Instead we read about a hrahmanadl or madhyamanddl i. The concept mudra pratyabhijnahrdaam here for the first time in our text.

Pratyabhijnahrdayam : Ksemaraja : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Ksemaraja ought not to be confused with other pratyabhijnahrdayaj of the same or. Being a fundamental conception of the Vyakarana cf. Should he close his eyes, the universe is drawn back in again.

From another point of view28 -the universe is blue29 pratyabhijnahrdayaj30 the body, life 31 and so forth. A final remark, no less deep than beautiful: Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. In the later literary products of this kind, the author of the sutras also frequently composed the commentary to them.


On a different plane lies the fifth krtya. He then enlarges upon the correspondence between sounds and s’aktis in 60 ff.

To the macrocosmic re-absorption there corresponds the psychological experience of the Yogin when, in his meditation, the empirical universe is vanishing. As a fire set ablaze burns the fuel — thus one should consume the fetters of the objects of sense.