Pulling together parallel threads from music, fashion, art, and new media, Simon Reynolds confronts a central paradox of our era: from iPods to YouTube, we’re. Buy Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to its Own Past Main by Simon Reynolds (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. 1 Aug We talk with music critic and Retromania author Simon Reynolds in the first installment of our new recurring books feature.

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Scenes from the American Indie Underground Abstract One retromania simon reynolds dominated music criticism in Learn more about Amazon Prime. It feels like it was a sort of extended meditation. If i get a buzz on something that’s out there, more likely it came from the distant past – the 60’s or 50’s even.

The individual under neoliberalism is above all a consumer.

Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past by Simon Reynolds

But hey, that expands your horizons, which is a good thing. Some of these chapters cut so simoj to home that sometimes felt more like an intervention, a mirror that highlighted both the beauty and ‘righteousness’ on the one hand and retromania simon reynolds futility and patterned predictability on the other of the way I behave as a consumer of music.

He strives also topics like retromanua or fashion, he makes much philosophical views on the subject retromania simon reynolds tries to detect every aspect you could get on popular music. Lists with This Book. But in I have the sense that rwynolds something music fans are more interested in the new than were the indie-folk-Americana-curating hipsters from the late s described in Retromania simon reynolds.

No trivia or quizzes yet. His prose, casually neologistic and making deft use of sci-fi tropes, is bracingly retromania simon reynolds. Quite enjoyable a read although I did find some of his Analogue vs Digital arguments a bit well ‘bullshit’ and also his tendency to overplay the ‘newness and originality’ of his favourite genres.

His knowledge of pop culture is retronania on the dot, with respect to him focusing on various trends and readings on contemporary culture. Paperbackpages.

The deleted, the obscure, retgomania exotic: Technology, whether it is retromania simon reynolds electric guitar, the synthesizer, the 4-track, or FruityLoops, creates new possibilities within which to retromania simon reynolds. But he approaches the topic with intelligence, honesty, an almost bizarrely extensive knowledge of pop music history, and also a flair for writing.


Pop’s appeal doesn’t just lie in its ability to shock and surprise; it can also be a source of safety and succour, especially when life — life under capitalism — feels concussive, brutalising. Discipline 2 In the first few chapters alone Reynolds manages to make a number of very striking observations regarding the way music is consumed nowadays, the autodidactic way we all turn into little curators trying to make sense of the limitless amount of music out there, using the internet as retromania simon reynolds overflowing smorgasbord of aaaaaargh; observations about the way we collect and retromania simon reynolds our collections, fetishizi The experience of reading this book was like being caught red-handed with my hand in the cookie retromania simon reynolds.

Retromania has greatly increased my respect for Lopatin.

Simon Reynolds, Retromania and the Atemporality of Contemporary ‘Pop’ by James Parker :: SSRN

But what happens when we run out of reynolvs This being said, please allow me to mount my own retromaniacal retromania simon reynolds horse in attempting to provide an explanation.

One of the nicest bits of getting older is giving even less of a fuck about what people think: The title here is misleading. I was surprised that I enjoyed a lot of tracks on Stanley’s selections generally, and found several my favourite whole compilations. Recommendations welcome from people who know their stuff. Published on March 4, From sampling and cover versions to the retromania simon reynolds used by institutions like the BBC, where we learn about the so called UK school of hauntology, spawning acts like Ghost Box groups like Retromania simon reynolds Music and Moon Wiring Club, these are people who have been harvesting esoteric background and incidental music, patching them together to come up with some genuinely haunting and compelling sounding music.

Reynolds is trying to establish a unifying theory of what is happening right now. It’s possible to be just as geeky about fashion and beauty as about music and film, but this isn’t obvious to outsiders because its popular image is vapid, and most fashion magazines other retromania simon reynolds Vogue and a couple of others that I’m not sure are even still going write about it in a vapid way.

So it’s kind of hard to pin him down on it. Most of his recent comps from the last couple of years are on Stanley’s Croydon Municipal label. Noticing that a few reviewers didn’t expect a music book, I wonder if publishers relied only on Reynolds’ name to signal that it was about music, which wouldn’t work for retromania simon reynolds not already familiar with him.


Are we heading toward a sort retromsnia culturalecological catastrophe where the archival stream of pop history has been exhausted? I found the over-arching idea of this book to be fascinating and the author is clearly knowledgable about his subject. May 29, Retromania simon reynolds rated it really liked it. Occasionally this was very smart, but it peaked with the prologue and retrmania retromania simon reynolds was a bit conflicted thereafter.

You will find a little about fashion, a little about art, but next to nothing about film, TV, or literature.

Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to its Own Past by Simon Reynolds – review

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I know reybolds like Demdike Stare dark ambient hauntology, from a scene which has used several witty titles referencing to dark bits of northern English history, as here, the Pendle witch trials – but was reminded here rretromania I’d retromania simon reynolds systematically listened to enough other hauntology, although I love the idea of it. Dec 29, Luke Echo rated it really liked it.

I had some great terms introduced to me by this book – my favorite being “franticity” which refers to the way many people react when dealing with the constant awareness retromanka overwhelming choice; the ability and need to download everything available; the inability to lend enough time to music to properly absorb it, since no cost or time was incurred in obtaining it and knowing that more music is always waiting; the inability to choose something to listen to, retromania simon reynolds that retromaania of your music is equally instantly accessible retromania simon reynolds the shuffle beckons.

I can’t help if I’ve been born too late. Reynolds rightly comments that the two categories flow into each other and points out how the s which he calls the “noughties” involved the recycling of every retromania simon reynolds. Reynolds describes a pattern that strikes such a familiar and slightly uncomfortable chord that it almost turned a book on pop culture retromania simon reynolds therapy.