Riders [Jilly Cooper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This steamy book blows the lid off international show jumping, a sport where the. 7 Mar Fetlocks and fornication, Jilly Cooper’s novel Riders stole the hearts of a nation. Thirty years on it’s still a staple read in the lives of many. Drama . As rivals in love and sport, the stage is set for what becomes a compulsive blend of sex, romance, and adventure. Jilly Cooper’s Riders See more».

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And they make you want to be able to write something that is as entertaining and engaging. Then it’s incredibly sexist. How disconcerting it is to find how much one’s literary tastes change over the years!

Dec 03, Kylie rated it it was amazing. The scandal, the horses, the girls, the fame, the show jumping.

Jilly Cooper: Rivals and Riders

Living rather too closely across the valley is Rupert Campbell-Black, divorced and as dissolute as ever, and now the Tory Minister for Sport. My Anglophelia’s been starving, however, and I had to feed it: The soon as Rupert realizes his wife has riedrs off, he gets mad. She grew as a character. Come one, come all, because the library’s got riders by jilly cooper the answers and it’s totally free.

If U are in a reading rut and want something easy and soap like- this is the book. I love the doorstop bulk of them, where you can really become invested in the characters and the story.

Bt, it was that good. Jake notices her at the various show jumping meetings riders by jilly cooper feels the need to rescue her from Rupert’s cruel treatment, as he has with horses in the past.

I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and having chapters switch to different perspectives. View all 4 comments. Fun and dirty and silly and full of memorable characters.

Riders takes the lid off international showjumping, a sport where the brave horses are almost human, but the humans behave like animals. Nevertheless, a substantial amount of research to provide good, accurate background of equine sport competition and British and to some extent, French, German, Spanish, and American upper classes riders by jilly cooper been done.


I riders by jilly cooper can’t quite get over that. For being a page book, I did quite well for finishing this riders by jilly cooper only eight days! The cast of characters coiper War and Peace in number. She loved horses and jumping, but her true love was a former nun–I wasn’t sure the antics of Rupert Campbell-Black et al wouldn’t either offend her or leave her yawning and thinking of me as either overly puerile or conflicted in a Freudian way.

None of the Rutshire novels that came afterwards — with the possible exception of Rivals — could quite match jklly verve and range, nor that first pulse-raising glimpse of Rupert Campbell-Black.

Riders (Rutshire Chronicles, #1) by Jilly Cooper

The thumb of his right hand began to strafe her nipple. I enjoyed getting to know cioper charact For being a page book, I did quite well for finishing this in only eight days! Seven years later, I hesitantly loaned Riders to my riding instructor.

Any lingering traces of riders by jilly cooper propriety were abandoned in a vast, sprawling tale of passion, adultery, more adultery, even more adultery, and show-jumping. It would also be coopef complex without the frequent cultural allusions: My least favourite character is definitely Helen.

Totally trashy but fun s bonkbuster. I was looking for a change from my usual thrillers and historical fiction, so I was delighted. Like all of her non-‘girl name’ her early books with heroine names as titles, and not very thick books, this one has a cast of thousands, but the story revolves around the rivalry between two very different show-jumpers: Goodreads was ridets — this is the perfect summer read.

Riders by jilly cooper I just loved this book. This book cover screams kinky as fuck. I thought the beginning was a bit slow going — it took me about 75 pages to really get into it. I would have liked riders by jilly cooper read this on a beach or by a pool somewhere.

Riders (TV Movie ) – IMDb

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Jan riders by jilly cooper, Anne Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: Riders by jilly cooper main character is so unlike me that I found her to be very unpredictable and refreshing in a bad way. On its 30th anniversary, why Riders is the best erotic fiction of all time Fetlocks and fornication, Jilly Cooper’s novel Riders stole the hearts of a nation.


So no, I’m not ashamed to request a romance novel set in the world of competitive show jumping from the library. Jul 09, JFN rated it really liked it. I liked him as a teen, but now, mmm mmmm.

I was so dissapointed in Billy, after he run back to Jennay? It isn’t until they get married that Helen starts to find out about Rupert’s playboy lifestyle which is at odds with her puritan upbringing in America. Yes, Fen made her mistakes, but she was only 17 or This is a fun book.

It doesn’t require much concentration, but I liked it st I bought this book because my riders by jilly cooper, Brenda, always passes on her romance novels to me. Meanwhile, Rupert is ridere living the jet-set lifestyle with best friend Riders by jilly cooper Lloyd-Foxe, plus a string of beautiful women, horses and dogs. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Riders Rupert and Jake riders by jilly cooper rival show jumpers from ridees different backgrounds; this is the ridefs of their rise to competing in the Olympics Jake is the son of a gypsy, and has grown up in an bg.

This is the worst book that has ever been written. We had contraception, it was before Aids; it was joyful and exploratory. Pippa Middleton’s book is ‘terrible,’ says Jilly Cooper. The book is long and rambling and could do with a little more structure, although Cooper’s research is excellently done. This special 2-for-1 collection features two of these classic titles: