Recovering Through an Added Datafile with a Backup Control File: Scenario . Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Basics to learn how to make trace. 14 Jul The following notes will illustrate the steps required to recover from a number of common failure scenarios that a DBA could possibly face in his. RMAN Restore on another machine with different file system- same Tesing the full restore and recovery of a database backup on another test or scratch server.

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On machine 2, you create a new initialization parameter file and new database instance. Scenario In this scenario, you run a backup job and receive message output similar to the following: It is possible for the incarnation history to be incomplete in the in re-created control file.

The trace file should have the rman backup recovery scenarios path name of the media management library loaded by the database as well as any other media manager errors or operating system errors. For example, run this query: System scrnarios is missing In this case complete recovery is performed, only the system tablespace is missing,so the database can be opened without reseting the redologs.

If both controlfiles are missing, the database will crash.

Make sure that the archived logs exists in the specified directory and that the RMAN catalog is synchronized. The recovery log taken from any other Test database.


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This site uses cookies. ARC archive log thread 1 sequence 5 is already on disk as file C: The transportable tablespace feature of Oracle allows a user to transport a set of tablespaces from one database to another.

Baclup first man came in my mind to help me at that time was my friend Aman Sharma. Rman backup recovery scenarios Job Is Hanging: The database looks at information in the control file and the data dictionary to obtain size information. Use OS commands to restore the missing or corrupted datafile to its original location, ie: This is due to the reason.

Recovery Scenarios | Oracle DBA – Tips and Techniques

Ideally, the query of the sbt wait events should indicate the problem. Clearing a not-yet-archived redo log allows it to be reused without archiving it. Vackup current log is the one LGWR is currently writing to.

You receive the following error: A user datafile is reported missing when tryin to startup the database. It took me more than one year to write it.

RMAN Backup and Recovery Scenarios

You are commenting using your WordPress. In rman backup recovery scenarios scenario, the database archives automatically to two directories: Scenario Recovering Transportable Tablespaces: Solution 1 This solution is safest and is strongly recommended.

OCM 11g Study Guide. As the DBA restarted the database, one of data file is starts complaining. If all members of an online redo log group with INACTIVE status are damaged, rman backup recovery scenarios the procedure scenarkos on whether you can fix the media problem that damaged the inactive redo log group. The message indicates one of the following: You may find more detailed information in the file sbtio.

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At this stage we do not have to be panic. In this scenario, you run a backup scenagios and receive message output similar to the following:. If the create baciup command needs to be executed to place the datafile on a location different than the original use:. To set default flashback data archive, use the following command by connecting as SYS user:.

Typically, there is no need to refer to the trace file or sbtio. Hence, if rman backup recovery scenarios need the cleared log scenarioe for recovery of a backup, then you cannot recover that backup. Be part of the operating system DBA group with respect to the target database that is, have the ability to connect with SYSDBA privileges to the target database without a password.