S-Mode and REP-Mode. Programming Manual. Version (Apr 12). Based on Firmware: v l. Page 2. Page 3. Sam4S SPS System Cash Register AU. View and Download Samsung SPS program reference manual online. ” color LCD touch screen. SPS Touchscreen pdf manual download. View and Download Sam4s SPS manual online. SPS Cash Register pdf manual download.

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The grid of new tables displays. When selected, this option will display a list of transactions on the left side of the screen. Z1, Z2, and Z3 for that report. Also, a single item, or large order might be required to be sent to a different printer sam4s sps-2000 manual normal.

These need no modification. Taxes The SPS provides calculation for up to six taxes.

SAM4s SPS Program Manual Download – Art White Office Machines, Inc.

Enter text from picture: If you are completing application update, you must clear all memory. Nothing contained in this manual shall be deemed to be, and this manual does sam4s sps-2000 manual constitute, a warranty of, or representation with respect to, the product or any of the products to which this manual applies. Browse to the folder that contains the current SPS software.

Report Option Definitions Select which totals and counters are reset when a Z1 Financial report is executed. Refer to Function Key Programming Notes on page if you need assistance with sm4s options. This will clear the current integrated payment sam4s sps-2000 manual.

Page The SPS sps-200 five keyboard levels. The SPS can assist a retailer in handling food stamp transactions by sorting food stamp and non-food stamp eligible items within each sale and tracking food stamp payments for eligible items.


sam4s sps-2000 manual

Tare Entry is Compulsory? Choose Yes if you wish to multiply items reporting to this group by a weight from a scale sam4s sps-2000 manual to sam4s sps-2000 manual register. The SPS has no hard disk drive, instead running its built-in application software from on-board flash memory and storing data on non-volatile RAM. Use for items such as produce that are always sold by weight. The magnetic track that will be read: Previously saved reports may be able to be restored to the memory of the SPS Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

SAM4s SPS-2000 Program Manual Download

Cash Drawer Option Definitions Enter length of time the drawer may be open in seconds before the open drawer alarm sounds. The bitmap file is downloaded to the SPS from sam4s sps-2000 manual PC, and then downloaded to the memory of the appropriate printer.

First read the-Safety Majual of this manual.

Employees such as managers linked to an authority level with this option selected, can conveniently access all modes without password entry. Don’t have an account?

Sam4s SPS-2000 Manual

Screen Saver Logo 3. Setting needs to manuwl your scanner setting. Select Key Relocation from the S-Mode main menu. Sam4s sps-2000 manual can be programmed to remain open for unlimited entries, with the DONE key used to close the Keylink screen, or sam4s sps-2000 manual be programmed to close automatically after a set number of entries are completed.


YES at the confirmation screen. Background Image display requires software version 2. Click the Events viewer tab.

SAM4S SPS MANUAL Pdf Download.

Got it, continue to print. Page 63 Then when prompted to enter the number of the check where the selected items are to be assigned, enter the number of the new check you previously created. Reports Touch TTL to select the specific total you wish to select from the report. You will be prompted: Images add style and usability to the SPS touch screen. You will be notified in the case that this program changes. Page 59 Beginning at version 3. To Perform an All Clear: Enter the number of digits to be read for the Card ID.

Sam4s sps-2000 manual to manually advance to a specific Key Link. Touch TTL to select the specific total you wish to select from the report. Double click the sam4s sps-2000 manual Table Of Contents Report Table Custom Screen Layouts Images may be used instead of text for key identification. If some unforeseen circumstance creates a conflict between the servicing and safety precautions, always follow the safety precautions.

Tax calculation can be changed to accommodate different tax sam4s sps-2000 manual for drive thru sales. Page 23 – B. Indicate the port on the register that is connected sam4s sps-2000 manual the validation printer.