28 Aug It was not war; they did not understand yielding. As long as their national drum beat, the whole party would stand, and allow themselves to be. Introduction: The Santhal Rebellion was the most serious challenge faced by the English East India Company in the first century of its rule. Until June Santal Rebellion of Atis Dasgupta. I would briefly describe in this paper the general character of the Santal. Rebellion () and certain.

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In many villages the Zamindars, money lenders and their operatives were put to rebel,ion. They leaded a peaceful life by clearing the forest and also engaged themselves in hunting for subsistence.

Major wanthal occurred from July to Januaryin places like Kahalgaon, Suri, Raghunathpur, and Munkatora. This also brought to an end, the old tribal systems and political structures that had continued here for generations. Sadly, this great Santhal Revolt, fought in the jungles of Jharkhand and Santhao Bengal finds just a one-line mention in our school history books. They declared themselves free and took an oath under the leadership of Sidhu Murmu and Kanhu Murmu to fight till their last breath against the British and their agents.

A forum dedicated for sanrhal about anything related to Indian reference. Even though the rebellion was suppressed within a year in by the Company, few pockets of Santhal resistance continued till With the introduction of the Zamindari system, the Santhals lost all rights to their land.

However, political events far away would have significant impact on their lives. Santhal Pargana division topics. The uprising of the Santhals began as a tribal reaction to and despotic British revenue system, usury practices, and the zamindari system in India; in the tribal belt of what was santyal known as the Bengal Presidency.

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As long as their national drum beat, the whole party would stand, and allow themselves to be shot down. Household Words Vol It started on June 30, and on November 10, martial law was proclaimed which lasted until January 3, when martial law was suspended and the movement was brutally ended by troops loyal to the British.

Santhal Rebellion

But as the agents of the new colonial rule claimed their rights on the lands, the Santhals retreated to the hills of Rajmahal. Sido Kanhu Murmu University. Although the Rebellion was crushed with a heavy hand, some British army officers like Major Jervis who observed. Santhal Pargana Division Wikimedia Commons. Thousands of innocent people have been killed in a battle that seems nowhere near an end! Today, the government is trying to preserve forests, so cultivation shifting is limited.

This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat A lot of rich Indians based in cities bought zamindaris in these far off forests and pretty soon, started exploiting people there. The Santhal Paraganas Tenancy Act came into being which provided the tribes some protection from colonial exploitation.

Till the 18th century, Santhals lived in the thick forests of the region and practiced hunting.

Santhal rebellion for UPSC

As years passed things got worse. On one side were tribes fighting with bows and arrows and on the other were the British and their agents, the Zamindars with the latest weapons.

Not only was this an uprising of great importance, the root cause behind it, the rights to tribal lands, became the basis of a more recent and rebsllion movement that continues to fester- the infamous Naxalite movement in India. Join our mailing list to recieve the latest news and updates from our team.


After a brief period, the British operatives with their native underlings i. Of the 60,odd tribesmen who had been mobilised in the rebellion, over 15, were killed, and tens of villages were destroyed.

Elephants supplied by the Nawab of Murshidabad were used to demolish Santhal huts and likewise atrocities were committed by the British army sannthal it allies in suppressing the Rebellion. Zamindars and the money lenders allured them by goods lent to them on loansthrough corrupt practices of the money lendersrebel,ion loan grew to prohibitive proportions, for repaying which entire family had to work sxnthal bonded labourers.

The Forgotten Santhal Revolt of 1855

The regular police force was abolished and the village headman santal vested with the duty of keeping peace and order. Tomb of Aurangzeb Among the other Mughal emperors, the tomb of Aurangzeb stands out in many ways. Queens of South India Brave like the warriors, and efficient administrators, the queens of South India were talented in every way.

As a result, other sources of income have been developed.

This dispossession turned the Santhals into rebels and finally they took an oath to launch an attack on the ruling authority, i. While the Santhals were defeated, this revolt did propel the British authorities to acknowledge their follies.

Born in a clan of Santhali prieststhey lived in the village of Bognadih in Sahibganj district in Jharkhand. They speak Santhali language and santha their own gods. Sadly, even now, 70 years since India’s independence, problems continue to fester.