Global presence. Driving the world – with innovative drive solutions for all industries and for every ap- plication. Products and systems from. Global presence. Since it introduced the world’s first gearmotor 75 years ago, SEW-EURODRIVE has grown to become the global leader in electromechanical . 11 Technical Data and Dimension Sheets – Brakes from SEW-EURODRIVE servo drive systems by SEW-EURODRIVE offer flexible and customized.

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Moreover, brakes mounted on motors from size 90 offer an additional special feature.

Data & documents

Terminal strip in the terminal box or 8-pin M12 connector. Even more options, even fewer restrictions. Temperature sensor, temperature detection. Brake with brake size, scaled in steps of 10 Nm. Without opening the motor, the unit can now sew eurodrive catalogo removed and replaced — even with a larger or smaller brake.

Non-ventilated only without fan. Additional flywheel mass flywheel fan. Choice of different brake sizes means sew eurodrive catalogo costs: Add-on encoder DR71 to All versions in conjunction with add-on encoders for various sew eurodrive catalogo interfaces:. The Catalpgo motor supports all energy efficiency standards worldwide and already meets the upcoming IEC standard. All versions in conjunction with condition monitoring: C1-compliant connection for overhead trolley system VDI guideline Future-proof, also as regards environmental protection standards.


All versions in conjunction with add-on encoders for various electrical interfaces: The new combination options of DR motors with BE brakes are no longer subject cstalogo this inalterability.

The additional features of the DR motor and DR brakemotor are diverse and extensive. To provide a better overview, they were combined in groups. Helical and helical-bevel sew eurodrive catalogo unit up to kNm MC Series: All versions that are offered with additional elements in the winding:. One single series for millions of drive combinations. Signals of the rotation counter as absolute value.

DR Motor — SEW-EURODRIVE – Gearmotors and Motors Catalogs

In addition to the basic high overload capacity of DR motors, this motor is suited for high dynamic loads. Backstop instead of a brake. Cxtalogo size of the brake has always been inevitably connected to the sew eurodrive catalogo of the motor.

The new DR series AC motors combines the entire range of required motor efficiency levels as well as sew eurodrive catalogo efficient motors making it a future-proof innovation of the highest quality. Every torque motor is available with 2 rated torques.

AC Motor DRS.. / DRE.. / DRN.. / DRP.. / DRL.. / DRK.. Series

AC motors of energy efficiency classes IE. Torque ratings M N. The DR motor can be combined with two or three different BE brake sizes. Instead of an sew eurodrive catalogo encoder mounted to the fan guard of the non-drive end, the encoder can now be installed between the endshield and the fan.


This means that any extra length caused by mounted encoders is avoided.

The DRK motor in the modular DR motor system is a single-phase motor that can be operated on a single-phase power supply instead of the usual three-phase power supply. The two parts of the motor standard IECpart and part 30, will sew eurodrive catalogo an internationally uniform and accepted sew eurodrive catalogo for determining and classifying the level of efficiency of asynchronous AC motors.

All sew eurodrive catalogo in conjunction with connection options: The DRM motor in the modular DR motor system is a pole motor that allows eurodirve thermally safe operation on a 3-phase mains supply, even if the rotor is blocked.